Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015 A Week Of Miracles

We had a really awesome week this week :) we were able to see a lot of miracles and blessings that came from the hand of the Lord :) We are super happy because we were able to fulfill a lot of our weekly goals :) We were able to find 5 new investigators this week, put three baptismal dates and these three investigators came to church on sunday :) we had 8 lessons with members present (and the members were actually edifying haha because sometimes we just count the inactive husband as a member present and well, that isn´t all that edifying right?) but yeah, that was pretty awesome :) we also had two less actives that came to church and one of them hadn´t come for YEARS and to be perfectly honest, i doubted that she would show up....and the best part is that she actually was the one who went in front and gave the opening prayer in sacrament meeting so, it was pretty cool :) my comp and i were super surprised haha.

Oh yeah, well that is basically what happened this week in regards to miracles :) but i just want to apologize because i have officially run out of time since we have to go do one more thing before p-day is up and we only have 30 minutes to do it.... but i want to share one more thing with y├íll :) one day, saturday to be exact, we were in a pueblo (small "town") called monte chiquito or "little mountain" and we were walking back from a few visits (we started leaving the town) and i was walking with hermana Marisa and suddenly she yells "una vivora!!" (a snake!!) and she totally jumped and like, ran into the side of me and we both went to one side. So we saw a snake in the road, but don´t worry, it´s like a tiny snake, but it´s head got run over by a bike and there was a little blood on the road next to his head. but it was weird because his body was totally still wiggling around even though he was dead.... but kyeah, so after we knew for sure for sure that he was d3ead, i picked him up and put him in a bottle of alcohol with clavo (a mix that helps repell mosquitos that i always carry with me) so that he would be preserved and i actually have him in the bottle on my desk in the house haha :) he looks pretty cool :) and the kids kept telling me that i was so lucky that i have a pet snake and all that haha :) maybe next week i will send you a pic of him ;) 

Well, that is about all the time i have but i love you all and i just want to challenge you to keep reading the book of mormon each day and to read it as early in the morning as is possible for each one of you because i know that we are more capable to understand the scriptures and the will of God for us when we study diligently in the early hours of the morning. There is a really good talk in the Liahona of June or July i think that talks about sleep hours and study schedule and all that....sorry for the lame explanation haha but i really gotta go. I just want to say that i know that the church is true and that miracles happen to us on a daily basis, and more when we obey the commandments with EXACTNESS. I love you all and i hope that you have a fantastic week!! 

Love always,
Hermana Walker 


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