Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015 Sunburned and Finally Moved In!!!

Hello! I hope you all are doing well! I don´t have a ton of time to write but I just wanted to let you in on a few things that have happened during this week :) We moved into our new apartment this passed Saturday. We are now officially living in our area haha, after four weeks....but yeah, we only have two weeks left in the transfer and we have plans to finish it strong, to find new investigators that will actually progress, and to have at least three baptisms :) 

This week was kind of sad in regards to the numbers that we had....i don´t know what happened....but it just wasn´t the best week. We still have two baptismal dates, but the hard part is that neither of them came to church this Sunday and we had passed by almost everyday to visit them and neither of them were ever it was a little bit hard but we are really hoping to be able to find them this week and help them to become baptized members of the restored church so that they can keep progressing and understanding more about their purpose here on earth and their role in God´s plan. 

Oh man, i got sunburned pretty bad....on friday. i had a sweater on and we left the house but then oh man, it was super super hot outside and so i took off the sweater and we just walked all day under the sun. When we got home that night, the whole back of my neck was fried.... but thanks to Burnfree that grandma carole sent me, my neck is saved! literally! ;) but yeah. Also on friday we had a mission activity and it turned out alright. it was hard though because it was just an idea that i had planned out in my other area and i had never actually done it so i didn´t know if it would work out and it was stressful to plan and all that but it turned out ok so i guess it was good. I do like the scripture that we shared to finish up the activity though :) I don´t remember if i shared it with you guys last week or not....if i did, i sincerely apologize.... but it´s D&C 18:10-16 :) 

We also had a few cool experiences but i have to share them with you next week because i am actually out of time but i love you all and i hope you have a fantastic week! I know that God lives as does His Son, Jesus Christ. I know that they know each one of us perfectly and personally and that we can go to them for anything that we need. I know that this is the only true church here on the earth and I know that it is our responibility to proclaim His love to all the ends of the earth so that they can know to whom they must look to be saved and receive salvation. 

Have a fantastic week! sorry this is so lame haha. i will do better next week! 

Hermana Walker

My Pretty Bad Sunburn! :(



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