Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014 Dogs and My Epic Fall

Alright, how are you all doing this week? I hope you are all doing really great! :) So, I made a recording last night or the night before, I can´t remember...but I made it and it ended up being like 12 minutes long so...yeah I am going to have to make a different one and send it next week but yeah so basically in the recording I told you two stories :)

The first one happened while we were doing divisions with different hermanas de la Iglesia. I was with Hermana Magdalena and we were walking to la casa de Candi, Diana y Chewi. So we were waiting outside like on the outskirts of the front yard waiting for someone to come out. Well, they have two dogs and one of them is like a big black lab. He is so cute and really friendly and it´s so cool because he plays fetch...with pieces of bricks! What the!? Yeah, it is pretty awesome. But so he came out and then the other little dog who is like a chihuahua or someting, came out after. Well, the chihuahua was sniffing my leg and stuff and I was all, yeah whatever, a lot of dogs do that, so I just kept watching the door and then, all of a sudden, I feel something warm on my foot and I realize that the dog is peeing on me!! So I kind of screamed and like shook my foot off, almost stepping on the little dog in the process....yeah, that was so awesome. I got peed on, right on my foot. So yeah then we went into the house and taught the lesson like normal but I just think it is really funny and it will be a good story for later; especially when I can tell my kids that I was peed on right outside my investigator´s house ;) 

The other story I have to tell is also pretty awesome and I have some documented evidence that is not for the eyes of the weak in stomach... So on Saturday, Hermana Kraczek and I went and bout a big ol cake for a menos activa for her birthday. We went to drop it off but she wasn´t home...then it started to rain muy fuerte so we just ran a little ways to the house of hermana Betti and she drove us home. We put the cake in the fridge and called the Hermana leaders of our mission to tell them that they didn´t need to wait for us for the young women´s conference because we were just going to go watch it in the house of hermana Betti. yeah so long story short, we watched the conference at her house and Mariana was there (The less active who was having a birthday that day) and we all ate cake and it was a grand old time! But, it was late and dark and we needed to get home so we could be en casa en tiempo. So we leave and I am holding my little sterofoam (haha I totally forgot how to spell that word...) plate with a piece of cake on it.
Oh yeah and in the first few days here in the mission, Hermana Kraczek taught me this trick to make me run faster. Basically you just kind of squat so that you can extend your legs and then you run faster and I have no idea how it works but it totally does! So we were doing that to get home faster and I was laughing so hard because it is so crazy to me how it works and how I can be going so fast! Hermana Kraczek has to jog/run to keep up with my "speed walk". Anyway so we are both laughing so hard and it is really dark and we are basically bookin it. Well, we turn the corner and Hermana Kraczek jumps over one of the many speed bumps in the street. I, being asian and having eyes half the size of normal people, did not happen to see the speed bump in the darkness of the night, on a black road, and so naturally, I trip. And I flew! I smacked the ground so hard. Estaba bien bien fuerte. My cake goes flying off the plate, that I still had in my hands, my left elbow smacked the ground as well as my right hand and both of my knees. After all those body parts hit the ground I decided I was really tired and that I was in a lot of pain, so I just laid down for a minute groaning and laughing all at once.
Hermana Kraczek heard and saw all of this and ran to my side to help me up. When I stood up I walked over to my cake, lying dead in the street and said, like a true fat woman, "oh no!! My cake!" We both just laughed and laughed and I was really embarrassed after falling (especially because there were two people behind us and I have no idea how long they were there...) but we walked all the way back to our house and I had yet to shed a tear. When we got to our door, my right leg felt really wet so I was all, oh man I think I´m bleeding pretty bad. Hermana Kraczek told me not to look at it because apparently it was pretty bad.... well I looked at it when we got inside and oh man, it was somethin else! There was so much blood and my skin was so dirty from the street that it looked like I had rocks stuck in my knees. Don´t worry mom, there wasn´t any rocks! :) Well, yeah anyway, Hermana Kraczek cleaned me up and rubbed alcohol on me (that´s the part that made me cry) and she bandaged me up. There are more details to the story but I am running out of time so I need to wrap it up :)
Hermana Marina, the wife of the lidér misional (the people we live with) is like a nurse person or something and so she helped me on sunday to wrap it better and she cut out the meat of an aloe vera plant and stuck it on me. I think I am doing better and hopefully they aren´t infected but I am still really happy and doing great so don´t worry! I just wanted to share this story because it is something different and "exciting" that happened this week so I spiced things up a bit ;) I also have really nasty pics to send you so I hope you enjoy em ;) I looked like something out of a horror movie...

I love you all so much and I pray for you all! I hope that you have a fantastic week with lots of awesome opportunities to serve and to have spiritual experiences. Try to look for the hand of God in everyday because it is there and I promise you that you will be surprised at all the tiny miracles He grants us everyday. I really love you all a lot and I hope you like all the pics! I have a lot to make up for...

Hermana Walker

P.s. Mom, our hands are fine. They are just a little darker in some places and they don´t hurt or anything. But we have an appointment with a dermitologist (can´t spell that either) and he/she will look at them for us. Don´t worry! The Lord is going to protect us and I am sure that it is nothing :) 

Just a "little blood!"
Healing knees

Our "weird hand problem!"


Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 Short Post

Alright so, I still haven´t gone to the I am really sorry that I haven´t been able to send any pictures because I haven´t actually gone but I think we are going to them next week...I just know that we are going to go before I leave this area because if I don´t get to go then I will be super sad... but anyway, yeah sorry about that. um...haha this is really sad because I can´t think of anything to write about this week...our numbers weren´t really all that great but it´s ok because we can just try harder next week and it will all be good. We have had a lot of little miracles that have happened to us, well, actually there´s like at least one miracle everyday and that is that we have this life that we get to live! It is so beautiful and awesome and it really is a great gift from God.

We picked up a new investigator that was actually kind of a contact on the street. We were actually looking for a man that we contacted on the street that said he wanted to learn more and so we were trying to find his house and he wasn´t home (he had already left for work) so we were also going like across the street to this other reference and she wasn´t there either so while we were leaving this lady came out from another house and we talked to her a bit and then gave her a tarjeta and told her who we were and all that and we set up an appointment with her because she said she wanted to know more. She talks a lot so we didn´t actually get to finish our whole first lesson, but we have another appointment with her and she and her daughter seem really interested so we are hoping an praying that all works out and that it is the will of the Lord to have them become members of His church. 

Um, we have something weird on our hands...I think it is like a crazy sun burn or something but Hermana Kraczek doesn´t agree. Anyway, we just don´t know what it is and it is only on our hands...I will send a pic but you will have to look closely because the lighting is weird on my camera and all that. Basically we look diseased and we don´t know how to heal ourselves because we don´t know what is wrong haha so that is pretty awesome! I am hoping it is a sunburn so that I can actually start getting tan ;) 

How is it having Evan back home!? I bet that is crazy!! Haha, I will probably be a little shell shocked too when I get home...but yeah we will just have to wait a while...a long while ;) for that to happen. But actually, it is going to fly by! The time that is. Because yeah, I already get blown away by how long I have been´s already been almost two months down! It is so crazy! 

What the!? How are so many of our ward members coming to Mexico!? I was the start of something super padre!! ;) haha no es cierto pero, la verdad eso es super super padre! Mexico es la mejor! They are all gonna love it! Porter is serving in Mexico City? What mission? Like is it north, south, east, west? Which one? :) I had three Elders in my District in the MTC that are serving in Mexico City so I just wondered which mission :)

Um, Ok so also yesterday (I am so sorry! I am jumping around like a chapolinaI don´t know how to spell that in spanish but it is a grasshopper. And speaking of which, I totally ate some of those and they weren´t even bad. They just taste like crunchy seaweed haha) we went to the familia Hernandez, the first family that we baptized, and Ismael, the son, had two friends over who were interested in learning more about the Gospel so we taught them and watch the long movie of the restoration. It was really good and they have a lot of good questions. I think that they will be good investigators. 

Alright well I have officially run out of time so I gotta go but.... Les quiero muchísimo!! You are all so awesome and I hope that you have a fantastic week! I keep you in my prayers and I pray that you can all be really awesome members and better examples to your neighbors and all that because we are all missionaries and we should all be trying to save souls so...I hope yáll are doing more of that! ;) I love you a lot and I am really grateful for all of you in my life and for your love and support. Stay awesome! 

Con mucho amor, until next week,
Hermana Walker 




Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014 Life is Like Riding a Bicycle

Hola everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you{re doing great! I am fantastic and loving it here in the mission! It is seriously so awesome!! :) My Spanish is a little bit better, but mostly I am just able to understand more so that is amazing! The gift of tongues is so real! So, before I tie this in to the Subject, I am going to tell you a little bit about our week.

Well, our numbers were a little bit sad this week but we are trying not to be too hard on ourselves because we want to keep our chins up for this up coming week. But we had a baptism and it was really beautiful. This is one of the baptisms that we were going to have last week but he actually had some problems with the word of wisdom so we had to push it back. But he is super strong and he worked really hard to stop his habits and we are so proud of him! Jonthan (that's his name ;) ) was baptized at 3:00 pm on Sunday, like, yesterday, and he bore his testimony at the end and I felt the Spirit really strong...and cried a little. He is so awesome and his wife is the cutest! They just barely got married like two weeks ago or something and we went to their wedding. It was kind of weird and there were tons of papers to sign...but we are hoping that in a year from now they will be able to go to the temple and be sealed together! And I hope we can be invited and actually go...that would make me so happy! I love them! They are so cute and just super awesome! Oh , but his wife is a member and is a huge strength for him! They are so cute and I have great hopes for their future together, especially with the gospel more fully in their lives. 

This week I had a few good contacting days! I reached my goal three times this week and some days I even contacted more than 10 people so that was pretty awesome.

Also, we have been trying to visit two less actives for the past little while and we finally got in contact with one of them and figured out her challenges with coming to church on Sundays so we are praying for her and trying to help her resolve the issues that she is having so that she can come to church! She really loves the chapel and the classes but she is having other issues with a member so we are trying to figure out how to help get this resolved. We told her to pray to the Lord to figure out what she should do and we are praying to know how to help her as well. We still need to wait a while longer to get our answer in full but we are getting there little by little and are still going to visit her and follow up and all that. She is so cute and has so much faith and desire to follow the Savior.

On Saturday we were walking in the street and then we stopped and Hermana Kraczek asked me where I thought we should go and gave me three choices. I had no clue because they were all menos activos and they are all important so I just asked her what she thought and she wa having like an inner conflict with herself and it was actually kind of funny because she was all, "Let's go to the familia Pimmental. No let's go to Hilda. No familia Pimmental" and so on and so on and we walked up and down a tiny stretch of the calle for a while and then she finally was like, yeah no we're just gonna go to the familia Pimmental. So we went. And it was so awesome! They had been having a super hard week and one of their family members has been in the hospital and it has been really hard on them, especially hermana Pimmental because it is her sister who is in the hospital. Anyway, we just talked about the plan that God has for all of us and shared some experiences and scriptures and our testimonies.
We testified that God and the Savior Jesus Christ love them so much and that he will never abandon them because He has them engraven in the palms of His hands and things of that nature. They told us that they knew that God lead us to their house that night because they really needed us and our message so that was basically super cool and spiritual and I love that family a lot! We had a few more miracles and little tender mercies all throughout the week and we are helping each other to remember them each day and write them in our journals so that we can remember how blessed we are from the Lord in our lives. We really are so blessed here in this area! 

I am so thankful that our Mission President listened to the Lord through the Holy Ghost and his promptings and that he put me and Hermana Kraczek together in this area. It really is super amazing and beautiful and there is so much work here and so many people who want to here the word of God and learn more about the Restored Gospel. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve here! (even though I am getting super fat! Puebla has like the best food in that is really awesome and really horrible all at the same time...)

We are trying to become better missionaries everyday and I am so grateful for the atonement and for the mercy of God because I know that we aren't perfect and some days we don't study as well as we should have or we didn't contact as many people as he set in our way or we didn't reach our goals or yeah, there are a lot of things that we fall short on sometimes. But I know that with the Savior and through His infinite atonement, we can repent and as for help to be better the next day and the Lord will forgive us and help us to be better because He knows us perfectly and He sees our potential and He wants to help us get there because He loves us so much. I am so grateful for this gospel in my life and for the Savior and His atonement. I am so grateful to be here serving the Lord and that I am able to represent the Savior Jesus Christ and wear His name along-side mine on a nametag that others can see and I really hope that I can live up to this honor. I know that I am far from perfect but I am trying to be better and be more Christ-like and to become the missionary that He knows I can be and that He wants me to be.

This is where the Subject comes basically I thought of this analogy in the MTC and hopefully I haven't already shared it but if I have...oh well! You can just hear it again! :) I truly believe that this was an inspiration for me to be able to understand better and also to teach things to investigators and members in a way that is easier to understand. But yeah, it can really be applied to like a ton of things in this Gospel.  One way that it can apply is an answer to this question: If there is a God and He loves us, then why are there so many bad things that happen in this world?

This is a really great question! And this is how I answer it. First, we tell them a tiny tiny bit about the plan of Salvation and that we lived with God before our lives here and all that. But the answer comes when we reach our life on earth. I then tell them that our life here, and Heavenly Father's role in it, can be compared to riding a bike. When we are first learning how to ride a bike, we have training wheels to help us. But eventually, those wheels have to come off. At first, our parents hold on to the seat and they walk along-side us and stuff but there comes a time when they need to let go so that we can try for ourselves. This is the part that is really hard because, many times, we fall off and when this happens it hurts-really bad. WE get cuts and scrapes and bruises and sometimes we get so frustrated that we don't want to keep going. We just want to quit. But our parents never give up on us. They are always there to help us up and encourage us to try again. This is the same with our Heavenly Father. He gave us our lives so that we could learn and grow.
He is teaching us to ride the bike of life. He never pushes us off our bikes, but He lets us fall so that we can learn, so that we can say, "oh man, that hurt really bad last time. This time, I need to put my feet down." or "I need to put the brakes on a little bit faster" or "Dang, I need to turn a little bit slower at this corner" things like that. But, Heavenly Father also knew that this ride would be vigourous and that sometimes we would fall and not want to get back up. That is why He gave us the greatest strength we could ask for: Jesus Christ and His Atonement. With the Savior's atonement and the love of our Father in Heaven, we have two people of magnificant power cheering us on, encouraging us to get up and move forward with faith. And when we are at our weakest points and feel that it is hopeless, we have two people who will always always be there to lift us up and hold the seat for a few miles. 

I know there are days that I fall off my bike and I get a little scraped up and sometimes it hurts really bad, but Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are always there for me and they will always lift me up when I need them; they will always encourage me to get up and to seguir adelante because they love me and they want me to succeed. 

Don't let the challenges of this life and the adversary get you down. Don't put your bike in the shed and let it collect dust while Satan does a happy dance. You have the greatest beings on your side and with them, you can ride up mountains, you can pedal faster and ride farther then ever before. You can fall with faith and hope because you know that the Savior will give you the strength to get back up and pedal passed the adversary and all his flimsy attempts to crash you for good. 

I hope that you all have a really great and fantastic week!!! :) I love you all a lot! :)

Hermana Walker

Japanese Snack in Mexico! :)

Killed a Pig! ;)


Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014 Goals and Luis

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry!! I have absolutely no time to write today! Today is the worst day as far as email time goes but yeah so basically lots of stuff happened today and it was awesome! We went to Hermana Marci´s house today to do our laundry and while we waited for our clothes to get clean in her cool little machine thing (yeah isn´t that awesome! We don´t have to wash it by hand when we go to her house! and I can use my little tide pods still so that is super nice since I still have a whole other package I need to use). Anyway, while we were waiting we made her and her kids breaksfast! We made crepes from my memory and they actually turned out so that was cool. And she wanted the recipe so we gave it to her. She is so cute! She is basically an angel for us! She is fantastic!
Ok now here is the craaazzy part! And grandma...please don´t kill me...but I totally let Hermana Kraczek...cut my hair!! The ends were all dry and nasty and stuff so she basically chopped it off....and she gave me bangs so....I look really different now...Hopefully you all still will love me...and by the time I get home I should look a little bit more like I did when I left so it won´t actually be an issue for any of you but, my hair is super short now....I will attach a picture or two so you can see. She has like no real training in hair cutting but I just trusted her and I was sick of looking gross in public ;) haha well I really was sick of having hair like a desert so it´s chopped off! anyway, after the hair cut we went to Puebla and we were going to go to the pyramids but we got really distracted by this awesome fair thing that they are having that is only here for this week! So of course we had to go!!
There was so much stuff there! But we couldn´t take pics of videos because we aren´t supposed to look like tourists....but it was super cool! I bought one of those cool mexican jackets :) I am super excited for it! But I couldn´t pick which color I wanted so we bought the two that I wanted and we will pick later I guess. WE also bought some food there because it is super delicious and they were having like steal deals! They were really awesome! Oh yeah and Hermana Kraczek broke her glasses, like the little handle thing that goes around your ears to keep the glasses on (I don´t know the name haha) that thing just fell off on one side so a member that we encountered in Puebla and he totally fixed her glasses for free!! So basically that was pretty awesome and a miracle from our Hevenly Father! So we are going to go to the pyramids next week and I will send pics ok?
Um, oh yeah so I made a goal for myself that I am going to contact 10 people everyday and I totally contacted 11 yesterday so that was pretty crazy and I felt awesome and I have officially invited 5 people to be baptized although the first three were in the same lesson and they didn´t understand me... and I was actually kind of firm with Victor haha but I felt really strongly that I needed to say what I said so that is good. And Victor came to church on Sunday so that was awesome!
We had another baptism this last Saturday for one of our investigators named Luis. He is married to a girl that is 16! He is only 19 but still....that is so crazy to me haha. They are so young! And she is pregnant haha so that is crazy! Ok well I really need to go now! I love you all and I am so sorry that this week is lame as far as my email goes but this internet (the little shops we go to) is really slow and not good so we aren´t coming back here again But yeah I have no more time! I love you so much everyone! Have a fantastic week! 

Love always,
Hermana Walker

Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014 Hernandez Family Baptisms

Hey everyone!

So, does anyone else think it is ridiculous that four weeks has already gone by!? I can´t believe that I have already been in Mexico for a month and that I am like two months in to my mission already! The time seriously flies by so quickly! Alright well, this week was really good and a little crazy and I hope that I can write all of it, or at least a lot of it, so you can kind of see whats going on down here :)

So...We had three baptisms this week! (Woot woot!) It was super awesome! The familia Hernandez got baptized (a mom and two of her kids) and they are so amazing. They were definitely prepared by the Lord because Hermana Kraczek and I looked at their paper in our area book and we found out that they basically got baptized a month after being found by the missionaries and taking discussions so that is pretty awesome! At the baptism, Hermana Kraczek and I sang Teach me to walk in the light while the Elders played guitar and kind of sang as well so that was a really fun experience! Well, Elder Toro sang but Elder Thomas...not so much haha but that´s ok :) He said he doesn´t sing well or whatever but we don´t believe him. Oh and also, Ishmael, one of our baptisms, bore his testimony after he was baptized and it was a really great testimony.

I just think it is so awesome that they have so much faith and that they desire to follow in the Savior´s footsteps. It was so neat to be a part of that and to feel their strength and faith. It is so amazing to be a missionary and to help others find the truth that they knew before their time on earth. It feels so great to help others to come unto Christ and to share this amazing and beautiful gospel with them.

For the First 12 Weeks study that we do as companions for my first 12 weeks, as the manual implies, we went and did the family history lesson online and holy cow! That thing is so awesome! I felt the Spirit so powerfully when I was doing that and watching the videos! It was absolutely amazing and I realized how important family history really is and it also made me want to be more heavily involved in my family history work, especially since there is a whole Korean line that I can look for! I will be doing more of that when I get home for sure! (if you all save some work for me at home since I know you are all doing more with indexing and family search and all that now, which is super awesome!) :)

Haha oh yeah so this is kind of basically, we have two more baptisms this week on Saturday! What!? Yeah crazy, I know. The Lord is so good to us because we really could work a lot harder and do so much more than we do since there is always room to improve and all that, but He just blesses us with more people that want to be baptized so it is crazy! But we are super excited that they are making their way on the path of discipleship and that they desire to follow their Savior Jesus Christ. It is so great that they are willing to take that first step through the door to eternal life and exaltation. But yeah this is all super crazy and Hermana Kraczek and I are so excited!

We went and visited one of our investigators, Victor Cruz, to see how he was doing and to share a message with him. He is so amaing because he really has so much faith! He really wants to follow the Savior and do the right things and do the will of the Lord so that is super awesome! But, I feel so bad because his ¨esposa¨ isn´t very nice to him and so the Spirit leaves really fast when she talks sometimes and it is hard. We really want to help him so that he can feel good about himself and feel the way that Heavenly Father wants him to feel because he is so loved by our Heavenly Father and he has so much potential and we just want to help him see this and realize this. He knows a lot about the Bible and we gave him a Book of Mormon the other day and so hopefully he will start reading that and fall in love with it! He´s really great and came to the baptisms we had on Saturday and he sat with some other elderly men and asked them questions so yeah, he´s basically golden! We really want him to come to church!!

Hermana Kraczek and I also went into a cake shop to see how much their cakes were one day and we were talking to this lady who makes the cakes with her mom and she is the cutest person ever! She is so happy and kind and we were just talking to her and having a great time and we told her that we are missionaries and we told her our purpose and a little about our beliefs and stuff and then we gave her a Book of Mormon and she totally started to read it and it was so awesome because she accepted it really easily and then when we saw her Book of Mormon like the next week or something, we were really excited because she had marked it up a little with questions that she had and stuff. It was so cool! She is super super cute and we love her! And we are getting her a Boo of Mormon in English because she wansts to keep practicing her English and she wants us to all read the Book of Mormon together! I am super pumped! It´s so great!

I am loving the mission and I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve and to be here with these people in this area. There is a lot of work to do and I love it when we talk to people and they are so ready and open to our message! I love my companion and I learn so much from her and we laugh and are happy all the days and it is just so great! As you could hear from the recording I sent you last week, we are just a little bit crazy...we laugh all the time!! We almost pee our pants (ehem...Heather... ;) ) it´s super fantastic!
Oh yes, so this dog that belongs to a less active member that we visit has been following us around for like four days now so we basically have an adopted pet even though we aren´t allowed to have pets and we haven´t even fed her or anything! She is really cute except she has polgas, or fleas, so that isn´t very cute. She even jumps through our gate and sleeps on our tiny little ¨porch¨like every night and she cries for us because she wants to come in but she isn´t alloesd. (and we don´t really want fleas so...we just have to keep her outside). She is actually like sleeping by my feet under the computer desk right now haha. We took a picture with her today but just ignore my appearance. I had a super crazy bun and no make up on because we were just doing our laundry and cleaning and all that fun stuff all morning so I didn´t really get ready but whatever, it´s still a great picture :)

Hermana Kraczek and I are tired of getting fat so we are going to buy a bunch of veggies today and eat them whenever we are hungry instead of eating fruit and other sweet things... We can´t really help it if the members feed us lots of meat and fruit and sweet stuff but we are going to try and be ¨vegetarians¨when we can help it ;)

Ok so in case you wanted to know what I am studying in the Book of Mormon, I just started over the other day, so I am in First Nephi :) But, something that is super cool is oracion (prayer) because sometimes Heavenly Father gives you your answer like right after you ask for it and it is super cool! I really have been focusing on ¨first seek ye to obtain my word¨ because it is important to know the words of God before we can teach them to people right? So yeah I just prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me gain a greater love for the Book of Mormon since I know it is so important to obtain the word first and then I decided that I would read the Book of Mormon from the beginning again for my personal study. And guess what happened? The Lord totally answered my prayer because I got a ton more out of the first few chapters of First Nephi than I ever had before! I actually marked a bunch of scriptures, wrote lots of notes and had the Spirit open new concepts to my mind! It was so insane how quickly I had my answer and how much more enjoyable those first chapters were! I was blown away by the tender mercies and love of God. He is so amazing and I just thought that was so cool.

I officially have missionary legs because they are really ugly and mosquitos eat them all the days but it´s totally fine :) and my feet are super gorgeous ;) I have white toes and a white band across the tops of my feet and it´s super awesome ;)
I have a lot of pictures to send this week! And I don´t have a recording because the one that I have is really long and it was more like a journal entry with me and Hermana Kraczek talking and being cray as per usual but we can make some more for next week if you want :) I love you all so much and I am so grateful for your letters and your support! Being out here is so awesome! Cody, you are going to love it! It is such a blast and you feel the Spirit all the time and you grow everyday and you just learn so much! It is incredible! I can´t wait to hear from you when you get to go out and serve and experience all these amazing things for yourself! My Spanish is coming along slowly and it is really hard but it is also really fun at the same time and I am really grateful that I get to learn this language. I am also really grateful for the gift of tongues. It is totally real! There is no way I could know this much spanish after one month without the help of the Lord. No way. Next time maybe I will try to say things to you all in Spanish or something :) But it probably won´t all be totally correct... alright well I love you all a ton and I will write more next week! :)

Love always,
Hermana Walker :)