Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014 Life is Like Riding a Bicycle

Hola everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you{re doing great! I am fantastic and loving it here in the mission! It is seriously so awesome!! :) My Spanish is a little bit better, but mostly I am just able to understand more so that is amazing! The gift of tongues is so real! So, before I tie this in to the Subject, I am going to tell you a little bit about our week.

Well, our numbers were a little bit sad this week but we are trying not to be too hard on ourselves because we want to keep our chins up for this up coming week. But we had a baptism and it was really beautiful. This is one of the baptisms that we were going to have last week but he actually had some problems with the word of wisdom so we had to push it back. But he is super strong and he worked really hard to stop his habits and we are so proud of him! Jonthan (that's his name ;) ) was baptized at 3:00 pm on Sunday, like, yesterday, and he bore his testimony at the end and I felt the Spirit really strong...and cried a little. He is so awesome and his wife is the cutest! They just barely got married like two weeks ago or something and we went to their wedding. It was kind of weird and there were tons of papers to sign...but we are hoping that in a year from now they will be able to go to the temple and be sealed together! And I hope we can be invited and actually go...that would make me so happy! I love them! They are so cute and just super awesome! Oh , but his wife is a member and is a huge strength for him! They are so cute and I have great hopes for their future together, especially with the gospel more fully in their lives. 

This week I had a few good contacting days! I reached my goal three times this week and some days I even contacted more than 10 people so that was pretty awesome.

Also, we have been trying to visit two less actives for the past little while and we finally got in contact with one of them and figured out her challenges with coming to church on Sundays so we are praying for her and trying to help her resolve the issues that she is having so that she can come to church! She really loves the chapel and the classes but she is having other issues with a member so we are trying to figure out how to help get this resolved. We told her to pray to the Lord to figure out what she should do and we are praying to know how to help her as well. We still need to wait a while longer to get our answer in full but we are getting there little by little and are still going to visit her and follow up and all that. She is so cute and has so much faith and desire to follow the Savior.

On Saturday we were walking in the street and then we stopped and Hermana Kraczek asked me where I thought we should go and gave me three choices. I had no clue because they were all menos activos and they are all important so I just asked her what she thought and she wa having like an inner conflict with herself and it was actually kind of funny because she was all, "Let's go to the familia Pimmental. No let's go to Hilda. No familia Pimmental" and so on and so on and we walked up and down a tiny stretch of the calle for a while and then she finally was like, yeah no we're just gonna go to the familia Pimmental. So we went. And it was so awesome! They had been having a super hard week and one of their family members has been in the hospital and it has been really hard on them, especially hermana Pimmental because it is her sister who is in the hospital. Anyway, we just talked about the plan that God has for all of us and shared some experiences and scriptures and our testimonies.
We testified that God and the Savior Jesus Christ love them so much and that he will never abandon them because He has them engraven in the palms of His hands and things of that nature. They told us that they knew that God lead us to their house that night because they really needed us and our message so that was basically super cool and spiritual and I love that family a lot! We had a few more miracles and little tender mercies all throughout the week and we are helping each other to remember them each day and write them in our journals so that we can remember how blessed we are from the Lord in our lives. We really are so blessed here in this area! 

I am so thankful that our Mission President listened to the Lord through the Holy Ghost and his promptings and that he put me and Hermana Kraczek together in this area. It really is super amazing and beautiful and there is so much work here and so many people who want to here the word of God and learn more about the Restored Gospel. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve here! (even though I am getting super fat! Puebla has like the best food in that is really awesome and really horrible all at the same time...)

We are trying to become better missionaries everyday and I am so grateful for the atonement and for the mercy of God because I know that we aren't perfect and some days we don't study as well as we should have or we didn't contact as many people as he set in our way or we didn't reach our goals or yeah, there are a lot of things that we fall short on sometimes. But I know that with the Savior and through His infinite atonement, we can repent and as for help to be better the next day and the Lord will forgive us and help us to be better because He knows us perfectly and He sees our potential and He wants to help us get there because He loves us so much. I am so grateful for this gospel in my life and for the Savior and His atonement. I am so grateful to be here serving the Lord and that I am able to represent the Savior Jesus Christ and wear His name along-side mine on a nametag that others can see and I really hope that I can live up to this honor. I know that I am far from perfect but I am trying to be better and be more Christ-like and to become the missionary that He knows I can be and that He wants me to be.

This is where the Subject comes basically I thought of this analogy in the MTC and hopefully I haven't already shared it but if I have...oh well! You can just hear it again! :) I truly believe that this was an inspiration for me to be able to understand better and also to teach things to investigators and members in a way that is easier to understand. But yeah, it can really be applied to like a ton of things in this Gospel.  One way that it can apply is an answer to this question: If there is a God and He loves us, then why are there so many bad things that happen in this world?

This is a really great question! And this is how I answer it. First, we tell them a tiny tiny bit about the plan of Salvation and that we lived with God before our lives here and all that. But the answer comes when we reach our life on earth. I then tell them that our life here, and Heavenly Father's role in it, can be compared to riding a bike. When we are first learning how to ride a bike, we have training wheels to help us. But eventually, those wheels have to come off. At first, our parents hold on to the seat and they walk along-side us and stuff but there comes a time when they need to let go so that we can try for ourselves. This is the part that is really hard because, many times, we fall off and when this happens it hurts-really bad. WE get cuts and scrapes and bruises and sometimes we get so frustrated that we don't want to keep going. We just want to quit. But our parents never give up on us. They are always there to help us up and encourage us to try again. This is the same with our Heavenly Father. He gave us our lives so that we could learn and grow.
He is teaching us to ride the bike of life. He never pushes us off our bikes, but He lets us fall so that we can learn, so that we can say, "oh man, that hurt really bad last time. This time, I need to put my feet down." or "I need to put the brakes on a little bit faster" or "Dang, I need to turn a little bit slower at this corner" things like that. But, Heavenly Father also knew that this ride would be vigourous and that sometimes we would fall and not want to get back up. That is why He gave us the greatest strength we could ask for: Jesus Christ and His Atonement. With the Savior's atonement and the love of our Father in Heaven, we have two people of magnificant power cheering us on, encouraging us to get up and move forward with faith. And when we are at our weakest points and feel that it is hopeless, we have two people who will always always be there to lift us up and hold the seat for a few miles. 

I know there are days that I fall off my bike and I get a little scraped up and sometimes it hurts really bad, but Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are always there for me and they will always lift me up when I need them; they will always encourage me to get up and to seguir adelante because they love me and they want me to succeed. 

Don't let the challenges of this life and the adversary get you down. Don't put your bike in the shed and let it collect dust while Satan does a happy dance. You have the greatest beings on your side and with them, you can ride up mountains, you can pedal faster and ride farther then ever before. You can fall with faith and hope because you know that the Savior will give you the strength to get back up and pedal passed the adversary and all his flimsy attempts to crash you for good. 

I hope that you all have a really great and fantastic week!!! :) I love you all a lot! :)

Hermana Walker

Japanese Snack in Mexico! :)

Killed a Pig! ;)


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