Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 Short Post

Alright so, I still haven´t gone to the I am really sorry that I haven´t been able to send any pictures because I haven´t actually gone but I think we are going to them next week...I just know that we are going to go before I leave this area because if I don´t get to go then I will be super sad... but anyway, yeah sorry about that. um...haha this is really sad because I can´t think of anything to write about this week...our numbers weren´t really all that great but it´s ok because we can just try harder next week and it will all be good. We have had a lot of little miracles that have happened to us, well, actually there´s like at least one miracle everyday and that is that we have this life that we get to live! It is so beautiful and awesome and it really is a great gift from God.

We picked up a new investigator that was actually kind of a contact on the street. We were actually looking for a man that we contacted on the street that said he wanted to learn more and so we were trying to find his house and he wasn´t home (he had already left for work) so we were also going like across the street to this other reference and she wasn´t there either so while we were leaving this lady came out from another house and we talked to her a bit and then gave her a tarjeta and told her who we were and all that and we set up an appointment with her because she said she wanted to know more. She talks a lot so we didn´t actually get to finish our whole first lesson, but we have another appointment with her and she and her daughter seem really interested so we are hoping an praying that all works out and that it is the will of the Lord to have them become members of His church. 

Um, we have something weird on our hands...I think it is like a crazy sun burn or something but Hermana Kraczek doesn´t agree. Anyway, we just don´t know what it is and it is only on our hands...I will send a pic but you will have to look closely because the lighting is weird on my camera and all that. Basically we look diseased and we don´t know how to heal ourselves because we don´t know what is wrong haha so that is pretty awesome! I am hoping it is a sunburn so that I can actually start getting tan ;) 

How is it having Evan back home!? I bet that is crazy!! Haha, I will probably be a little shell shocked too when I get home...but yeah we will just have to wait a while...a long while ;) for that to happen. But actually, it is going to fly by! The time that is. Because yeah, I already get blown away by how long I have been´s already been almost two months down! It is so crazy! 

What the!? How are so many of our ward members coming to Mexico!? I was the start of something super padre!! ;) haha no es cierto pero, la verdad eso es super super padre! Mexico es la mejor! They are all gonna love it! Porter is serving in Mexico City? What mission? Like is it north, south, east, west? Which one? :) I had three Elders in my District in the MTC that are serving in Mexico City so I just wondered which mission :)

Um, Ok so also yesterday (I am so sorry! I am jumping around like a chapolinaI don´t know how to spell that in spanish but it is a grasshopper. And speaking of which, I totally ate some of those and they weren´t even bad. They just taste like crunchy seaweed haha) we went to the familia Hernandez, the first family that we baptized, and Ismael, the son, had two friends over who were interested in learning more about the Gospel so we taught them and watch the long movie of the restoration. It was really good and they have a lot of good questions. I think that they will be good investigators. 

Alright well I have officially run out of time so I gotta go but.... Les quiero muchísimo!! You are all so awesome and I hope that you have a fantastic week! I keep you in my prayers and I pray that you can all be really awesome members and better examples to your neighbors and all that because we are all missionaries and we should all be trying to save souls so...I hope yáll are doing more of that! ;) I love you a lot and I am really grateful for all of you in my life and for your love and support. Stay awesome! 

Con mucho amor, until next week,
Hermana Walker 




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