Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014 Transfers

Hola todas!

So....we got a call last night at like 11:30-12 ish and....Hermana Kraczek is leaving.... I am so sad!! She is the best comp ever! We have had so much fun together and had so many wonderful experiences together and we are super great friends.... but I am supposed to stay here and she is supposed to go to another area because it is the will of the Lord so it isn`t really all that horrible. Especially since we both live in Utah and can totally hang out after our missions and we plan on coming here to visit again too so it will all be great but yeah, it is still pretty hard and sad. We have to go visit SO many people today and say goodbye and take lots of is going to be a crazy day because everyone here loves to talk and we have to see so many people and there are NEVER enough hours in the day to do all the things that we need to do. So yeah, this will be an adventure to say the least. We were invited to eat with three different families today so...we are going to be HUGE by the end of the night and it is going to be super awesome ;) Hermana Kraczek is lucky because maybe she will be going to an area where the food isn`t so ridiculously delicious and where the members don`t feed her so well and she might be able to lose weight...but I have to just keep getting fat... oh believe me, I am trying to be careful but it is so hard! You have to be so careful how you say things so that people don`t get offended and think that you don`t like their food... but yeah, so the changes are happening tomorrow and I will be getting a new companion...I hope that she is latina so that I can learn spanish a lot better and more correct haha because Hna Kraczek and I are both still learning and we aren`t really the best...she is a lot better than I am obviously because she has 9 months in the mission but still...we have a long ways to go and we spoke in english way more than we should have so that isn`t super great....

Anyway, so you will never guess what I ate this week. It was a chicken`s foot..yumm.... it was just sitting there in my soup all big and cooked with the skin stuff on it...and I could still move the toes and was not my most favorite thing but I still ate it haha and it wasn`t like disgusting or anything, just super super weird....

Um, ok so there is this little girl here who is like our next door neighbor and she is the cutest!!! She is only four years old but she talks so much and I totally thought she was older because she is so bubbly and intelligent and yeah, she is so cute!!! Her name is Oblish (Oh-bleesh) I don`t know how to spell it but that is how you pronounce it. She is just so cute and she and her mom came with us yesterday to our citas so that we could have a member present with us and all that and...oh my heck I can`t wait to be a mom and I really hope my kids are as cute as her! I let her play with the ring that Elder Sampson made me (by the way, Elder Sampson made me a ring ;) and sent it with a letter and all that) :) but yeah I let her play with the ring so that she wouldn`t be bored but then it was kind of bad because she thought that she got to keep it..haha but don`t worry, I got it back so it`s all good :) We had an appointment with a family that lives in another part of the pueblo that is a little further from our house (there are two here, San Gabriel and Santa Barbara) but on the way home it was really dark so the familia Hernandez (the family we had the cita with, who just barely all got baptized), the familia Franco Gomez, the friend of hermana Carolina (one of the Hernandez kids that was baptized) and...well basically we had like a parade accompanioning (um, I doubt that is right haha but oh well) us back to our house. It was kind of ridiculous.... But yeah it was so cute because Oblish reached up for my hand while we were walking home and she was talking to me and all that and it was so cute. Then I started swinging her, like: 1, 2, 3...SWING! and she thought that was so fun! she was laughing and she kept saying"Otra vez! Otra vez!" it was the cutest :) 

Ah, I have no time left so I need to go but I can`t believe that it is already almost Novemeber! Luckily they don`t celebrate Thanksgiving here so I won`t miss you guys quite as much when this day happens... :) haha ok this is random but it just barely hapened and it was really funny, well, I thought so at least. There are two Elders in the internet too right now and they are both latinos so they don`t speak english but one of the Elders just said to me "What`s up...Sistah" haha it was so funny! 

Ok, we need to go really bad now...we are late for a comida! I love you all so much and I hope that you have a really awesome week full of miracles and lots of beautiful spiritual experiences! Cuídense muchísimo!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Walker

aquí es Oblish :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014 Blessings

Um...haha yeah so I have a funny story to tell you all....remember how my knees were being so amazing and they were healing so fast and I was so happy? Yeah well, you will never believe what happened today... I was walking up the one little stair that we have in our house and my shoes were really wet because our clothes were hanging up inside to dry and they had dripped water all over the yeah they were really wet and don`t have a lot of traction to begin with so...I totally slipped and smached my knee AGAIN and my arm and my knee started bleeding again and it wasn`t even healed yet so that was pretty awesome...I swear, the mission has made me the most accident prone person in the universe! This stuff would never happen (at least not this frequently) at home...I am slowly becoming a clutz...sweet. 

Anyway, Hna. Kraczek and I were laughing so hard and we just kept saying ¨Como!?¨And stuff like that. Like, how in the world did that happen?? And then it was super awesome because right after that happened to me, Hna. Kraczek was walking to go into our study to grab something and she puched the door open really hard but then it hit the tip of an umbrella that was on the floor and swung back to it`s old spot right as she was walking to enter the room so...SMACK!! She hits the side of her face right on the door...pretty dang fuerte too, and we died laughing again! It was SO funny! I don`t know how all this stuff happens to us but I am really flad that we are able to just laugh it off and still be happy and have a good time :) And I am really glad that she laughs at this stuff like I do because there are some people in the world (a lot actually) who don`t laugh when this kind of stuff happens and if that was the case with us then there would be a lot of awkward situations...and my comp would think I was the rudest person on the planet... Thankfully that is not the case :) My comp is awesome and we laugh at a ton of the same things so it works out perfectly. The Lord is so amazing how He totally just knows who to put with who and what things need to happen to us in order for us to grow :) It is incredible!

Alright so basically, Heavenly Father is the best and He loves us so much! We are seriously blessed everyday! I don`t even know how we are so blessed and how He sends us so many miracles and blessings. Our minds are basically blown on a daily basis! First of all, we get free stuff all the time! We get free food and tons of fruit and we get free rides in combes (haha I have no clue how to spell that but basically they are little tiny buses like a van that we ride in around our area to get to places that are far or that we take when we are running late), the Lord gives us extra time somehow...yeah those are just a few. He also leads us to the people who need us most and helps us have the Spirit so that we know what to teach to help them in that moment in their lives. And I also think it is so incredible how we can love these people so much!! 

Yesterday, we were at the comida and we were teaching a little message afterwards on an attribute of Christ. We taught this active member family about hope and it turned out to be just what they needed. They are having some struggles with one of their family members and they don`t understand what is going on because she doesn`t tell them. She only tells them that she doesn`t want to go to church and that she doesn`t want to live here with them and it is really hard for the mom and the other siblings. Basically we were all crying (there were four of us) and feeling the Spirit of hope, faith and love during these moments. It was so amazing to me how I could have so much love for this family already and I haven`t even been here long! It was also amazing that I was able to understand everything that was going on in this lesson... the Lord blessed me with the gift of tongues more fully than before so that I could understand wht was happening and love this family. I seriously don`t want to leave... 

We have cambios on the 28th and I really don`t want it to happen because I don`t know if I am going to leave or stay and I don`t want to switch companions either. It`s the worst! But at the same time it is super awesome because the Lord knows what is best and He knows where we need to be and who we need to be with to grow and help others grow so I don`t know, there are good sides and bad sides to everything haha. 

But anyway, this was one of the miracles/beautiful moments/tender mercies of this week. 

Another thing that I wanted to talk a little bit more about is that the Lord blesses us with extra time a lot. It is so crazy because sometimes...more often than we should...we show up appointments late...but when this happens, the Lord blesses us with the ability to eat, talk, teach a lesson and make the member feel good and it felt like we were there for a really long time when we actually weren`t. We get out of the food and somehow we are exaclty back on schedule even if we showed up for the comida 30 minutes late AND the member didn`t even have it all ready yet either. How is this possible!? I have no idea. All I know is that the Lord loves us so much and He is so so good to us! This kind of stuff happens so much to us and we are blown away by it everytime! Also, the other day we had so many appointments and we were stressing out about how we were going to visit everyone because our members couldn`t come with us to do divisions anymore so it was just me and hna Kraczek....but somehow the Lord just blessed us so much and a lot of people weren`t home or couldn`t do it anymore so we were able to go visit everyone that we needed to and it was awesome. Also, yesterday, one of the hermanas that was supposed to do divisions with us forgot so we just had hermana Pilar to come with us but we were able to make it to almost all of our citas and it was so beautiful! We were able to help others come unto Christ and we were able to be taught by the Spirit and to feel his presence in our lessons and it was so amazing. We were also able to walk through the rain, literally through rivers of water (the streets  turn into rivers here a lot when it rains because there is a lot of water) and laugh the whole time and we just all three had an awesome time together enjoying each others company and the beauty of this earth that our Heavenly Father has blessed us with. It was a really great day yesterday. Also, the Lord helped us to really catch up on our weekly goals yesterday and even though we didn`t get all our numbers, like all our goals, we were able to get really close on a lot and make a few and so our numbers were pretty awesome this week! And the most important part is that we are improving instead of digressing so that is always awesome :) 

Well, I don`t have a lot of time left so I need to go but I am going to try and write my testimony in spanish...those of you who know spanish, please don`t judge me on mine :) haha I still have a really really long ways to go and I am still learning...a lot... :) 

Yo quiero compartir mi testimonio con ustedes sobre este Evangelio. El Evangelio de Jesucristo es la mas bonita cosa en todo mi vida. Porque yo tengo este evangelio, yo tengo una conocimiento muy maravillosa y muy bonita sobre muchas cosas. Primero, yo tengo la oportunidad para ser con mi familia para siempre. Esto es bien bonita y me da mucho esperanza por mi futuro. Se que esta vida no es la final. Hay mas después la muerte. La muerte solo es una parte del plan de nuestro Padre Celestial. Se que esta plan es perfecto y que Dios tiene una plan especifico por cada una de nosotros, solo necesitamos orar y pedir para saber que son los cosas Dios tiene para nosotros. Se que es importante para tener la fe y esperanza en Cristo y en sus promesas. Cuando tenemos estas cosas, tenemos esperanza en un mundo mejor y los bendiciones que viene por nuestro Padre Celestial. Se que Jesucristo es la mas importante persona en todo el mundo y que solo es por medio Él podemos regresar y vivir con nuestra Padre Celestial y con nuestra familia en los cielos. Se que yo puedo ser una persona perfecta por medio del Salvador Jesucristo y que yo puedo arrepentir y ser limpia de mis pecados. Jesucristo es perfecto y es una gran ejemplo por todos personas. Le amo muchísimo y estoy muy agradecida por Él y su sacrificio por mi. 

I owe the Savior my everything y sin Él no soy nada. Estoy muy agradecida por esta oportunidad que yo tengo para predicar el evangelio de Jesucristo y compartir mi testimonio y esta bonita mensaje con la gente aquí en México. Tambien, estoy agradecida que soy una miembro de la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días y que soy una representante de Él por todo mi vida. Es una llamamiento tan bonito y es eterna. 

Eso es un tan tito parte de mi testimonio y lo comparto en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Thank you for all of your love and support and for all the things that you do for me. I love you so much and hope that you all have a really great week full of the Spirit and blessings from the Lord. Cuidase mucho! 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Walker 

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014 Time flies

Holy cow...the time is flying by here!! My 12 week training with Hermana Kraczek is almost over!! :( I am so sad...we have cambios on the 28th of this month and I really don`t want to leave my comp or my area...I love them both so much! This is so hard....I am not looking forward to this day because it is going to be so so sad.... But at the same time, I know that I will be going or staying according to the will of the Lord and so it doesnt really matter what happens because the Lord has it all figured out for me and I just need to trust in Him con todo mi corazon, alma, mente y fuerza. I typed that part in Spanish because it sounds a lot less cheesy haha :) 
Well anyway, how are you all doing? I hope that you had a really great and productive week and that you were all able to feel the Spirit more in your lives and do something good for someone else! :)

We had much better numbers this week even though we didn`t even complete all our goals or anything but we got a few of them and we actually didn`t do too horribly so that is good right? We had like three investigators in sacrament meeting which isn`t aton but it is better than zero, and right now we actually don`t have too many investigators....we have a ton of menos activos though and we had a lot in the capilla this was at least 13!! :) So that was pretty dang awesome! And Amparo Rangel came with her daughter which was like a miracle since she is never there when we come to teach her or she says she doesn`t have time so the fact that she and her daughter came to church basically all on their own is a miracle! well, actually I just had this thought....she probably was visited by her visiting teachers and they invited her to come back to church and she listened and came...that`s probably what happened :) Either way it is a miracle and either way it has the Lord´s hand in it so either way it is something super amazing! 

Um, my knees are doing so much better! They are almost completely healed and I can walk normal and run and all that! The only thing I still can`t do is kneel or squat slash croach down, so when I am talking to little kids or cute little babies it is a little bit awkward haha but whatever, it`s all good! :) 

How was Evan`s homecoming talk? I bet it was really cute/good/sweet/spiritual and all that really awesome stuff! He is so cute and I loved when we read his emails because he was always so sincere and always had so much love for his mission and the people there and also he expressed so much love for his family, especially his dad, which I always thought was the cutest! I won`t be able to write again before these happen so I am going to say something really quick right now and then next monday I will write more stuff about it to the people that deserve it alright? So with that said....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM AND PEPPIN!!!!! I love you both so much and I can`t believe  you guys are having your birthdays already! How is it already October!? Prest, I can`t believe that you are turning 13...what the!? How!? How is everyone getting so old!? I hope that you have a really great birthday on the 18th and that you get some cool stuff and laugh a lot! Mom, don`t worry I won`t tell everyone how old you are ;) but I just wanted to say happy birthday to you also and tell you that I love you so much! You are so beautiful and kind and you are a great example to me! I hope that I can be as serviceful and kind as you when I grow up and I hope that I can always put all my efforts and energy into my callings and works like you do. Thank you so much for everything that you do for me and for my siblings. You really are the best! 

I will write you both longer and more meaningful emails next week but I don`t have anymore time right now... I have to go because one of our investigators invited us over to eat with them at 2...that`s in one minute haha....

But really quick, the mission leader, Juan, got released....we are all so sad because Juan is basically the best and he is the cutest little old man!! He doesn`t even look old but I guess he is kind of older...but he totally still goes out and plays basketball and stuff with 20 year olds so that is pretty sweet. He also has the best laugh in the world! It is so cute and so funny! I always have to laugh when I hear it :) we are having a little party for him and Hermana Kraczek and I made him an icecream cake because he loves icecream! I hope it turns out...neither of us have made one of those before....but it looks really good and hopefully it will work! 

Well, that is basically all I have right now and I need to go but I have a recording for you is a little "graphic" haha but it was something that happened this week that was...different...haha. Well, I love you all so much and I am so grateful for your love and support! I hope that you all are still trying your best to recognize the Lord`s hand in your lives and that you are keeping track of all the little miracles that He blesses you with everyday. Keep smiling and serving and gathering light so that your testimonies will shine so bright you can spiritually set people on fire!! Love you!!! :) :)

Love always, 
Hermana Walker


Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014 Gratitude and Conference

Hello everyone!

I hope that you are all doing well and that you are happy and loving life! Because life is amazing and it is a great gift from our Father in Heaven that I think we all take for granted. Even something small, like knees for instance, are beautiful beautiful things! Well, physically? No, they are actually kind of fea... but they are really beautiful because they allow us to do so much! I really took mine for granted before I hit the asphalt really really hard...I walked around like an old lady, limping and all that and I couldn`t really do anything for exercise because all I could do was barely stand somewhat straight and yeah...I couldn`t sit on the ground or do push ups or planks or that was rough too. And, I couldn`t sit down and cross my legs! That killed me! It was so`s like a habit for me to just cross my legs while sitting in lessons or in church or where ever, but I couldn´t do that either. I on`t really know why I told you all that but basically, I really appreciate my knees so much more and I am going to be so much more careful while walking and stuff cuz I don`t really want to repeat this week again, as far as the condition of my knees are concerned. They are actually healing really fast and feeling a lot better! They still look really ugly but I am so so grateful that they are healing! Anyway, enough of that. Let`s talk about the General Conference because it was so so amazing!! I loved it so much!!

It was a tender mercy from the Lord for me because we were able to watch the Saturday sessions in English! It was amazing! I learned so much and got planched pretty hard a few times and there were talks that answered questions I wasnt even aware I had until after the words came out of the mouths of these prophets, seers, an revelators. The whole thing was just so awesome! How blessed are we that every six months the Lord grants us an opportunity to listen to talks given by His holy prophets who are called of Him to guide us and teach us His will? General Conference is such an inspired blessing and I can`t believe how I took it for granted when I was a kid! I always used to think it was so long and so boring because I never really understood what they were teaching us but I am so grateful for the opportunity that we have to learn and grow spiritually on our path to true discipleship.

I want to know what your favorite talks were from the Saturday sessions! And dad, Cod and Prest, tell me what you learned from Priesthood! :) 

The Sunday morning session was really rough because we had to watch it in Spanish (since the chapel was really full of people and they were like all using the internet on their phones and tablets and stuff so we couldn`t watch it in English since it would slow the internet down )and I recognized words and phrases and stuff but it was stuff that I already knew and so I wasn`t able to understand the entire talk or anything like that and in my notes it was kind of sad because I only have two sentances written down...

I still felt the Spirit though for sure and I loved listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and enjoying the Spirit that comes with their angelic voices. Luckily, we were able to watch the second half of the sunday session in English and I understood it all so much better and learned a lot of things. I just love conference so much!

One thing that I loved from the Sunday conference (in the afternoon when I actually understood what was going on) was when one of the speakers, I can`t remember who said it, said that it is so much easier to make little changes everyday than to do a complete 360 degree turn around; it hurts less. I loved that because it applies to all people! It applies to members of the church striving to become better disciples of Christ, it applies to our investigators who are making changes in their lives right now to live the gospel the way that we teach them and the way that they read about in the scriptures-the way the Lord wants them to live it, and also, it applies to us missionaries out here in the field. A lot of the time, we beat ourselves up over the mistakes that we make or because we didn`t keep a rule exactly like we should have or we didnt have as much success during the week as we wanted, but, it is so important to remember that we just need to make small changes everyday and focus on one thing at a time instead of trying to fix all the problems all at once right then and there. It hurts less when we do things little by little rather than trying to eat an entire elephant in one bite or something ridiculous like that. ¨By small and simple things are great things brought to pass¨. The Lord will help us make the small changes daily that are neccesary for our profit and learning. He will help us bring about great changes and miracles by taking small steps, by doing small things. We must learn things continually in the manner that God intended: line upon line, precept upon precept. 

This talk helped me a lot because there are so many things that I want to change about myself and so many things that I want as characteristics in my life, but I know, and understand better now, that it is ok to only focus on one thing at a time; to not get caught in riptides that make us feel hopelessly lost in rough waters. In fact, it is better, easier, and hurts less when we make the small changes daily. The yoke of the Savior is light and easy and with His help I can accomplish all things. With His help, it will hurt less.

I also liked the talk (I think it was on Satuday but I don`t have my notes with me so correct me if I get it wrong) that talked about the emergency masks on the airplanes and how he related it to our lives and the gospel. It is so important, in fact, it is vital to first adjust our straps before we can adjust those of another. We need to be firmly planted in the faith and in the rich souls of the gospel truths before we can help other people adjust their straps. Obvioulsy right now, this is a really important principle for me because I am called as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to preach the gospel of Christ and to bring others unto Him. This is my calling right now and there is special and specific power associated with it. It is more obvious as a missionary that I need to have my mask adjusted before I can go out and teach and help others adjust theirs. I need to have a testimony of this gospel that is so strong and deep that nothing can shake it, nothing can up-root it. Not even crash-landing in a plane from the sky. 

This talk holds specific significance for all members of the church-not just full-time serving missionaries. As members of the church, you all still have the same responsibilites that I do right now-you all still need to share your testimonies with others and share this glorious gospel with all those around you. But, you also need to make sure that your mask is securely fastened so that nothing can shake it. It is your responsibility alone to make sure that you can withstand all the turbulence of life and that your faith and testimony is firm before you reach out to help others because you don`t want to risk the chance of having your mask surprisingly fall from your face when the turbulance hits hardest. If your mask isn`t secure, you aren`t going to be much help to those around you. 

Also, I loved the talk by President Uchtdorf when he talked about the constellations and instruments that can now gather celestial light so that we now have a greater knowledge of other constellations and galaxies among us. God has always been there. His truths have always been there. We just haven`t always used the proper tools to gather the celestial light that Heavenly Father and the Savior Jesus Christ offer. When we seek out these tools and use them daily and correctly, celestial light gathers in our hearts and in our minds, enlightening our understanding and building us brighter and brighter from within. When we seek celestial light, we will find it and we can gather it and add to our inner light until it is shining through our very beings! 

It`s never too late to open the scriptures. It`s never too late to pour your heart out in prayer. It is never to late to utilize the celestial tools that God has given us to gather His celestial light. Search the word of God with dilligence, ponder them in your hearts and your minds and pray to the Lord in the name of our mediator, Jesus Christ, and give thanks for the light that you do have and for the opportunity daily to gather more. Don`t get caught in the riptides of the adversary who laughs at us when we feel down. Blind him and burn him out with the light of Christ that you can find and gather and use as your everlasting sheild all the days of your mortal and eternal lives. 

I hope that you all learned something amazing in the conference talks this year and that you can apply them to your lives with sincere intention to become better disciples of Christ. I know that the prophet Thomas S. Monson is a true and living prophet and that he has been called of God to lead us in the paths of righteousness in these days and in these times. I know that his counselors and the Quorem of the Twelve and the other auxillirary leaders of the church have also been called of God and that they recieve revelation for the saints today. I know that the Lord Jesus Christ lives, with every fiber of my being. He lived and died for us. He suffered greater pains than any man has ever known because He suffered all of our pains collectively. He lives again for us because He loves us and He loves the Father and He wants for us to be eternally happy. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world and that He truly is our Mediator with the Father because without Hm, we literally would have nothing. 

I am so grateful for this gospel in my life and for the truths that the Holy Ghost has testified to my heart because they make me who I am. I am so thankful that i have this opportunity to be a missionary right now serving in Mexico and that I have the opportunity to change lives just as mine has been changed because I have this knowledge. I hope that none of us take any of this for granted and that we live each day as the Savior would have us live. We are His representatives right now on the earth and it is our responsibility to build the Kingdom of God here on the earth with all the strength that we can muster. I know that I am not even close to perfect and that I make mistakes and fall short of the glory of God daily, but I also know that hope is not lost because we have a Savior who makes up the difference. All we have to do, is ask. I know these things to be true and I share them in the name of Jesus Christ, my Savior, Redeemer, and perfect example of obedience, Amen.

I apologize because this is so long this week but my heart is just really full of gratitude for all the beautiful blessings that I have in my life. I hope that you all have an amazing week and that you strive to apply something from Conference into your daily lives. I love you all so much! Thank you for your love and support :)

Love always,
Hermana Walker :)