Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014 Transfers

Hola todas!

So....we got a call last night at like 11:30-12 ish and....Hermana Kraczek is leaving.... I am so sad!! She is the best comp ever! We have had so much fun together and had so many wonderful experiences together and we are super great friends.... but I am supposed to stay here and she is supposed to go to another area because it is the will of the Lord so it isn`t really all that horrible. Especially since we both live in Utah and can totally hang out after our missions and we plan on coming here to visit again too so it will all be great but yeah, it is still pretty hard and sad. We have to go visit SO many people today and say goodbye and take lots of is going to be a crazy day because everyone here loves to talk and we have to see so many people and there are NEVER enough hours in the day to do all the things that we need to do. So yeah, this will be an adventure to say the least. We were invited to eat with three different families today so...we are going to be HUGE by the end of the night and it is going to be super awesome ;) Hermana Kraczek is lucky because maybe she will be going to an area where the food isn`t so ridiculously delicious and where the members don`t feed her so well and she might be able to lose weight...but I have to just keep getting fat... oh believe me, I am trying to be careful but it is so hard! You have to be so careful how you say things so that people don`t get offended and think that you don`t like their food... but yeah, so the changes are happening tomorrow and I will be getting a new companion...I hope that she is latina so that I can learn spanish a lot better and more correct haha because Hna Kraczek and I are both still learning and we aren`t really the best...she is a lot better than I am obviously because she has 9 months in the mission but still...we have a long ways to go and we spoke in english way more than we should have so that isn`t super great....

Anyway, so you will never guess what I ate this week. It was a chicken`s foot..yumm.... it was just sitting there in my soup all big and cooked with the skin stuff on it...and I could still move the toes and was not my most favorite thing but I still ate it haha and it wasn`t like disgusting or anything, just super super weird....

Um, ok so there is this little girl here who is like our next door neighbor and she is the cutest!!! She is only four years old but she talks so much and I totally thought she was older because she is so bubbly and intelligent and yeah, she is so cute!!! Her name is Oblish (Oh-bleesh) I don`t know how to spell it but that is how you pronounce it. She is just so cute and she and her mom came with us yesterday to our citas so that we could have a member present with us and all that and...oh my heck I can`t wait to be a mom and I really hope my kids are as cute as her! I let her play with the ring that Elder Sampson made me (by the way, Elder Sampson made me a ring ;) and sent it with a letter and all that) :) but yeah I let her play with the ring so that she wouldn`t be bored but then it was kind of bad because she thought that she got to keep it..haha but don`t worry, I got it back so it`s all good :) We had an appointment with a family that lives in another part of the pueblo that is a little further from our house (there are two here, San Gabriel and Santa Barbara) but on the way home it was really dark so the familia Hernandez (the family we had the cita with, who just barely all got baptized), the familia Franco Gomez, the friend of hermana Carolina (one of the Hernandez kids that was baptized) and...well basically we had like a parade accompanioning (um, I doubt that is right haha but oh well) us back to our house. It was kind of ridiculous.... But yeah it was so cute because Oblish reached up for my hand while we were walking home and she was talking to me and all that and it was so cute. Then I started swinging her, like: 1, 2, 3...SWING! and she thought that was so fun! she was laughing and she kept saying"Otra vez! Otra vez!" it was the cutest :) 

Ah, I have no time left so I need to go but I can`t believe that it is already almost Novemeber! Luckily they don`t celebrate Thanksgiving here so I won`t miss you guys quite as much when this day happens... :) haha ok this is random but it just barely hapened and it was really funny, well, I thought so at least. There are two Elders in the internet too right now and they are both latinos so they don`t speak english but one of the Elders just said to me "What`s up...Sistah" haha it was so funny! 

Ok, we need to go really bad now...we are late for a comida! I love you all so much and I hope that you have a really awesome week full of miracles and lots of beautiful spiritual experiences! Cuídense muchísimo!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Walker

aquí es Oblish :)

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