Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014 Mission Activity and Cow Brains!

OOH! so we had a mission activity this passed Saturday at the Church. We invited our investigators and a lot of less actives but...yeah only members came so it was more like a ward party haha. But it was still really fun. Hermana Lara and I made book marks that had the infinity sign on one side and the words "Por toda la eternidad" and then on the other side was a scripture in Matthew 16:18-19 that talks about what so ever is sealed here on the earth is also sealed in the Heavens and we wrote "Las familias pueden ser eternas" underneath the scripture. We passed these out in the beginning of the activity because we started out with a little message about eternal families and then we broke out for the activities which were: basketball and soccer (which sadly we couldn`t play because we are missionaries and it wasn`t monday...) and juegos del mesa! Which we could play :) (board games). We played chutes and ladders and chinese checkers and uno :) after we all ate fruit outside and everyone seemed to have a great time so that`s good :) It was a great activity :) I got a really great picture of Hna Marce...haha I laughed SO hard!!! I was crying! :) I`m going to send some pics from the activity warned...I am really chubby and it makes me so sad! My face is all nice and chubby so that`s really awesome ;) But whatever, I have been called to a mission with like the best food in Mexico and you do not bajar de peso aqui...only if you get sick from the food or you are a missionary with really good genes... Well anyway, it was a great activity and we had a pretty good turn out, even if they were all members :) 

Oh haha I have something else to tell you all....So one day I was starving and we have no food in the house. But we live right in front of like a "center" were there are basketball courts and stuff (it`s right in front of the catholic church) and people set up their little stand things and sell stuff. Well, this day, there was a lady and she was selling some taquitos and so we went over and asked what was in them and how much they were. I didn`t understand what she said they were made of and my comp didn`t say anything so I thought, alright cool, it isn`t anything gross. And I bought two little taquitos. And I ate them. They tasted a tiny bit burned but nothing else was wrong with them and yeah I ate em. Well, later on in the evening, Hermana Lara says to me, "Oh yeah Hermana, I forgot to tell you what was in hose taquitos. It was cesos" To which I replied "Que es eso" (insert question mark) "Cerebrum de vaca." ...That`s right. I ate cow brain! haha whooo! Que rico no (mark) it was pretty funny haha :) 

Well anyway, I am now going to close because I am running out of time. Here is my mensaje espiritual en "spanglish" ;)

Here it spanglish... :)

Hoy en la mañana yo estaba leyendo en la nueva testamento en Mateo y no me acuerdo exactamente estuvo pero creo que es algo como capitulo 8 y 9... pero bueno no importa. La importante es que yo leí sobre algunos de los milagros que hizo Jesucristo y siempre hay una pattern. El siempre dijo que "según su fe, se sano". Siempre siempre. Y en estas momentos en la mañana I was hit by la poder de esta cosa. La fe es tan importante y bien poderoso que puede sanar los enfermos y the deaf and the blind. It can raise people from the dead and heal a woman of an enfermedad de sangre solo por tocando la ropa de Cristo en fe. Que maravillosa! 

Tambien me encanta la parte con la...pues no me acuerdo como se llama pero un hombre approached Jesus and told him that his servant was ill and asked if Christ could heal him. Of course the Savior said yes but the response of the man was incredible. He said that he was unworthy to have the Lord Jesus Christ enter his home and that if the Savior would just say that his servant would be healed that that would be sufficient and the servant would no longer be ill. It says in the scriptures that Jesus marvelled. He marvelled! I was blown away by that line because in my mind the Savior doesn`t marvel at things because he is perfect and already knows the will of God and can perform miracles and all that so when I read that the Savior marvelled at the faith of this man I was blown away. The savior said that he hadn`t seen faith like this in all of Jerusalem (I think it was Jerusalem). Anyway, when I read that it hit me that faith is so strong and so powerful and that I really need to pray and ask for more faith...on a daily basis.... The Savior told the man that it would be done even as he had said because of his faith. And his servant was healed within that very hour. It´s incredible! 

De esta hora de estudios yo tuve en la mañana yo aprendí que milagros no produce la fe, pero la gran fe produce los milagros. Como representantes de Jesucristo, es muy importante que siempre tenemos fe, gran fe, la fe a hacer milagros en el nombre de Jesucristo, la fe a cambiar vidas y invitar otros a venir a Cristo y ser perfectos en él. La fe es algo muy sencillo y difícil en la mismo momento pero es muy importante porque es la primer principio del Evangelio de Jesucristo. Se que la fe es poder. Se que sin fe no tenemos nada y no vamos a recibir bendiciones ni ver milagros en nuestra vida. Estoy muy agradecida por la oportunidad tengo a orar y pedir por más fe porque no estoy perfecta y tengo mis dudas y faltas pero Jesucristo puede ayudarme a tener la fe suficiente a hacer milagros en su nombre como su representante por la próximo 13 meces. Esta llamamiento que tenemos es muy hermoso y tan importante. Nunca vamos a tener esta mismo oportunidad ni experiencias y yo creo que nunca vamos a crecer más cerca de nuestro Padre Celestial en nuestra vida de en estas momentos aquí en la misión.

Se que no es facil pero es totally worth it! Nothing worth having is ever easy and salvation never was easy, as President Holland once said. 

Solo quiero compartirles una escritura que me gusta mucho y que me ayuda mucho. Esta en Isaías 48:10 y dice, "He aquí te he purificado, y no como a plata; te he escogido en el horno de la aflicción." 

Se que esto es verdad y muy importante a recordar porque Dios tiene un plan más grande para nosotros que podemos ver en cualquier momento y aveces pasamos pruebas muy fuertes y no entendimos porque pero él esta purificando nos en el horno de aflicción para que podemos ser como él quiere y podemos ser más fuertes en el futuro. 

I love you all and hope your thanksgiving was fantastic and that you all got really fat off of delicious food! Hope you have a great week and prepare for Christmas with your mind and hearts centered on the true meaning (as cliche as that sounds...) You all are amazing and I keep you in my heart and in my prayers!

Love always,
Hermana Walker :)

Hermana Lara and I in front of a note written by Sebas (one of the investigators that told us he wasn`t interested... :,( )

Me and a little boy...ah! que triste! no me acuerdo su nombre... but we`re doing bunny ears :)         

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014 Planting Seeds

Hello everyone!

Well, it has already been another crazy is that!? And...I forgot my agenda in my other bag so...I am going to have a little bit of a hard time remembering what happened this week.... but oh well, here it goes :)

Um, well today we went to a meeting with the ward council to talk about the missionary activity that we are doing as a ward and guess what? IT WAS AT FIVE O`CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!! When the alarm went off...yeah...Hermana Lara and I did not want to get out of bed. But, we did and we even got dressed and all that but didn`t do our make up haha, are you kidding me? It`s five in the morning...on P-day...I am not puttin on make up. Anyway, we walked to the church (well kind of jogged because we were a little late..) and sat in the meeting and talked about the activity and the new plan that our Mission President received as revelation for our mission so that the ward council can know what we need to do and they can be a part of it, like be more involved in missionary work. Anyway, so that was fun. And the Elders came too but they came in their pajamas and all lame ;) After the meeting we were able to sleep for an hour and a half because we woke up an hour and a half earlier, and it is P-day, but I couldn`t sleep for more than like 15-20 minutes because there were things going on in the world since people were awake and chuggin along and there was so much light coming in from the windows that I just couldn`t basically it was a huge waste of my time since I didn`t accomplish anything...but whatever, Hermana Lara slept beautifully and was able to regain some strength and energy so this is bueno :) 

Um, after that we just cleaned our house and stuff and then we went over to Hermana Marce`s house since she invited us to eat and make desserts :) I taught them how to make cake mix cookies but they turned out weird since the oven is super weird and doesn`t have numbers so I couldn`t tell what the temperature was and I actually don`t remember the measurements of the oil or the amount of eggs exactly so that was a guess...and Marce doen`t have pans for cookies for the oven haha so..yeah but they turned out ok :) Only a little bit flat :) we also made a dessert of lemon and cream and stuff and cookies. It sounds weird how I just described it haha, like, eww, I don`t want to eat that... but it is actually really good :) So yeah that was fun :) But we were there for a while because Marce hadn`t finished making the food yet and we couldn`t leave without eating because that would be rude and she would probably get then we ruched over here to write and here I am typing the weekly email :) 

(I am so sorry this is so boring!!) 

Anyway, So it was really exciting yesterday at church because Diliana and her family came to church!!!! Diliana is a less active who is pregnant right now and tells us that she is always tired and can never wake up on time to come to church so she obvioulsy doesn`t come...but she totally came this week and she brought her three kids and her husband (who isn`t a member, who we are teaching) so we had a less active and an investigator in the reunion sacramental. It was pretty cool :) Diliana`s brother is also less active and he came with them as well so yeah it was super cool :) 

Oh man, I have some sad we went and visited a man named Sebastian and his daughter and we taught them once earlier in the week and they accepted a time and date for us to return so they were counted as new investigators so that was super awesome and we were really excited! But...then Sebas called us one morning and told us that he wasn`t interested anymore and that there is only one true way-the way of the Catholics. Hermana Lara was the one that spoke to him and she handled it really well but when we hung up with him we were really sad because we lost the opportunity to teach two new people and help them bring salvation to their souls. It was a little bit crushing. Especially because right after that we went with Ofelia (a reference from a member in the other ward) and she told us that she respects us and our beliefs but that they don`t correspond with what she was taught or with what she feels is right and so then we lost another one...and that one was really hard and really sad because there we were with scriptures open, sitting at her table inside her house and she was telling us very directly to our faces that she wasn`t interested. It was so so sad... But you know what? These things happen and this is the mission. They just weren`t fully prepared by the Lord and it isn`t their time, but they know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is out there, they know a little bit more about our beliefs and when they are ready, they know where to find it. Sometimes as missionaries, we find people that need seeds planted and so we go and do, we plant. But the majority of our time as missionaries is spent finding and teaching those who are prepared by the Lord to accept the Savior and the message that we, as His servants, bring. We just have to keep on going in the faith and keep trying and then the Lord will bless us. 

Well since I can`t really remember much else this week and I am running out of time, I only want to share a scripture with you guys to close :) 

Alma 34:32 "Porque he aqui, esta vida es cuando el hombre debe prepararse para comparecer ante Dios; sí, el día de esta vida es el día en que el hombre debe ejecutar su obra"

Ahora es la tiempo para preparamos por la segunda venida del Señor. Esta vida que tenemos es muy muy importante y especialmente la oportunidad que tenemos para arrepentirnos. Todos hacer errores y necesitamos arrepentir para que Jesucristo puede sanarnos y ayudarnos a ser limpios. Dios nos da los instrumentos para fortalecernos y prepararnos. Ellos son la oración, las escrituras, El evangelio restaurado de Jesucristo, y más importante, su Hijo Amado, Jesucristo. Tenemos la oportunidad cada semana a asistir la capilla y tomar la santa cena para que podemos renovar nuestros convenios con él y también recordar siempre nuestro Salvador Jesucristo y los cosas que él hacia por nosotros. Yo quiero "challenge" ustedes para tratar para tener una experiencia muy espiritual en esta Domingo durante la santa cena. Tratar con todo su fuerza a pensar en Jesús y su sacrificio y orar y pensar en los maneras en que pueden mejorar sus vidas para que pueden vivir más como nuestro Padre Celestial y nuestro Salvador Jesucristo quieren. Tenemos un potencial muy especial y muy poderoso pero necesitamos pedid por ayuda para obtenerla. Se que Jesucristo vive y es mi Salvador y que no hay otra nombre en que podemos ser salvos sino por medio Jesucristo. El es la luz del mundo y mi guía para siempre. Espero que es la mismo para ustedes. Eso es mi testimonio por la semana, y lo comparto en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen. 

Have a great week! I love you all! Thank you for all your support and love and letters :) 

Love always,

Hermana Walker :) 

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014 The Touch of the Master's Hand

Hola todos! Como estan? Espero que todo esta bien con ustedes y que mi español es correcto pero más probable no es correcto. 

How was your week? Are you all getting excited for Thanksgiving? I can`t believe it is already November and that Thanksgiving is approaching really fast...and that Christmas is around the corner then New Year`s then Mother`s Day, my birthday, Father´s day, independence day, then it is fall again and almost Thanksgiving again and then....I finish my mission... What the!? This can`t be real....

Well anyway, nothing super crazy happened this week and I haven`t fallen again`s been pretty boring around here ;) naw no es cierto. It`s never boring in the mission field! There is always an adventure to be had, new people to talk to and lessons to teach :)

 We had three new investigators this week and their lessons went really well. I love working with Hermana Lara!! She is super awesome!! :) Victor Cruz is still in Mexico and so we haven`t had the chance to teach him for a while or commit him to baptism...and he obviously wasn`t able to make it to we had zero investigators in sacrament meeting...and zero baptisms. But it`s ok because we were still happy and we still had a really great week! 

We had ELEVEN lessons with members present!!! That was the largest number for that category that I`ve had in my mission so far and so it felt pretty awesome to achieve that :) We also had 17 less actives in sacrament meeting on sunday which is a lot...and that felt so awesome too! Especially when I saw that Hilda came and that Elizabeth came as well because we weren`t able to see them all week and remind them to come to church but they came all on their own and it was awesome! :) It probably had something to do with the fact that this Sunday was the Primary program....haha but whatever, all that matters is that they came and it was all awesome :) 

The Primary program was so cute and I didn`t really understand what was happening for a lot of it but it is amazing that I could still feel the Spirit through their songs and sweet messages :) The Holy Ghost truly is a marvelous gift :) Did we have our primary program this Sunday as well? How did it go? (if we did have it :) ) I miss my kids...can you tell them that I miss them and that they are super awesome! And that I love them too :) 

We had one fecha bautismal this week :) Nati accepted the invitation to be baptized on the 13th of December! I hope that it doesn`t fall through and that she will be able to come to church and progress! And I really hope that we can teach with the spirit, that she will follow through with the compromisos and that she can gain a testimony of her own so that she won`t become menos activa...that would be the worst... ok not literally the worst because there are worse things, but it would be pretty sad. 

Oh! Cody, I thought of something else that you can do :) You can go visit and teach with the missionaries so you can get a feel for how it is to do the Lord´s work because...I never went with the sister missionaries and so it was a little bit of a change for me when I was thrown into the field....but even a little bit more weird because every one was speaking in Spanish and I basically had NO idea what was going on.... so yeah, you might want to try and prepare yourself at least a tiny bit so that you aren`t totally thrown for a loop like your sister... ;) 

Ok so now I will share something more spiritual and serious haha :) Last night we went and visited two families. One is less active and just a husband and wife who are older and the other is part active members and part less active. With both families we watched a short film called "The touch of the Master`s hand" but it was really cool how with each family the lesson was a little bit different. In this video, for those of you who haven`t seen it, there is an old man who is making a violin. It shows a little bit of each part and how the man makes the violin with care and love and then he plays a little bit of a song on it to make sure it works correctly and has a great sound. Then he lovingly puts it in its case. After that, it shows that a mother had purchased the violin for her son so that he could learn to play it. He tries to learn it but obvioulsy doesn`t like it and lots and lots of horrific things happen to this poor violin that cause pain to my heart when I see them...they really are so sad.... The violin is dropped several times, it is sat on by children, used as a bow with suction cup darts, and as a shield in a battle between two children. Lots of bad stuff. Finally, after severl years and several horrific instances, the violin is in an auction. It is the last thing to be auctioned off and at first nobody wants it. They bid $2 for it and the auctioneer is about to sell it when the old man who made the violin walks up ot the front, takes the violin, cleans it off a bit and begins to play a beautiful tune. After he finishes, he hands it back to the auctioneer and sits down. Suddenly everyone wants it and it auctions off for like 2 million dollars or something like that. 

After the video, we all went around the room and talked about what we learned from the video and how we could apply it to our lives. There were a few different answers but mostly it was the same (with the part active member part less active member family). It was a really beautiful family night and the Spirit was definitely there. 

I would like to just take a few moments and write to you my thoughts from the video. We can apply this video to our lives in the form of the atonement. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has things pass in their lives that are challenging but in the beginning, we were with God. He made us and he made us perfect and beautiful without blemish. But as we go through this life we get a little banged up spiritually. We get scars, we have marks, we go through horrific experiences. At some point, we are no longer clean, polished and perfectly manicured. We end up looking like a beat up old violin. But, our Heavenly Father is so loving and merciful and he gave us something so incredible. He gave us the most amazing gift we could ever ask for. His Son, Jesus Christ. He sent his son to earth to atone for our sins, to take upon him our errors and faults, our shortcomings and temptations and all manner of uncleanliness. He sent his son to do all of that for us so that we would have the chance to pray for help, to ask for forgiveness and to be washed clean with the "touch of the master`s hand". Christ`s arms are always, always open to us. We can always come unto him with our burdens and ask for relief. We can always ask for strength and beg for forgiveness. The Savior will always help us when we ask in faith and through Him we can become perfect and clean again. I want to share a scripture with you but I don`t have it memorized in english and I only have my spanish scriptures but you can look up the verses after in english or put this in google translate ;) 

D&C 45:3-5  "Escuchad al que es vuestro intercesor con el Padre, que aboga por vuestra causa ante él, diciendo: Padre, ve los padecimientos y la muerte de aquel que no pecó, en quien te complaciste; ve la sangre de tu Hijo que fue derramada, la sangre de aquel que diste para que tú mismo fueses glorificado; por tanto,Padre, perdona a estos mis hermanos que creen en mi nombre, para que vengan a mí y tengan la vida eterna."

Yo se que es verdad. Se que todos los hombres, mujeres y niños quien creen en el nombre de Jesucristo pueden ser salvos y pueden obtener la vida eterna. Es una promesa de Dios y de Jesucristo. Ellos no pueden mentir. Se que por medio el Salvador Jesucristo, todos podemos ser limpios y recibir perdón de nuestros pecados. Él siempre es aquí por nosotros con sus brazos abiertos y listas para recibirnos. La expiación de Jesucristo es el don más bonita, más hermosa en todo el mundo y es la única manera en que podemos empezar otra vez con una pagina blanca. El evangelio tiene la plenitud de luz y todo felicidad y verdad para nosotros. Estoy muy agradecida por esta conocimiento que yo tengo y por la oportunidad para compartirle con mi chiquito parte del mundo aquí en México. Siempre recordar su Salvador Jesucristo y continuar en su fe y en la conocimiento tengan que él siempre esta para ustedes para ayudarles en su misión aquí en la tierra. Que tengan un bonita semana y espero que ustedes pueden trabajar con fuerza para que Dios les bendice en todas partes de su vida.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Walker

(I hope that all of that Spanish was right or that it at least makes sense...for those of you who know spanish ;) ) 

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014 Moving forward after transfers and prayer

Um, how in the world is it already November! (my question mark key doesn`t work...I know, it`s bugging me too...) I am blown away! How can time fly by so fast! When I was little time went by sooo slowly.... and now I am getting older and it is just flying by like nothing! And the worst part is, it`s only going to get worse with age, just like everything else haha. But it`s alright, I just need to work super hard for the short amount of time I have left and I need to enjoy every moment of it! Do you realize that next month is my six month mark...!(question mark)!!(question mark)! Ah! I can`t! That is so so crazy...  This month on the 25th I am turning 5 months old...ah...

Ok well enough of that (even though that`s probably a lie because I will probably randomly freak out again later on in this email, who knows.) So, we had changes and I stayed here and that is super awesome because this area is great! The ward is huge and supportive and full of the nicest people on the planet! The food is fantastic and I know the area so that is always great (especially for someone as directionally challenged as I am...). I got a new companion and...SHE`S TOTALLY MEXICAN!! WHOOOO!!! I am really happy about that, if you couldn`t tell ;) Now my spanish can hopefully get a whole lot better! :) My comp is named Hermana Lara and she is from a part in Mexico that is really hard for me to say...and even harder to spell....but it is like, in Tampico where Elder Sampson is serving so that is pretty cool. I don`t know if it is part of the mission or not but I know that it is close to Tampico :) She is really sweet and funny. She always jokes around and despite the language barrier, we get along really well :) She has...wait for it...15 months in her mission!!! She`s practically dead ;) that`s what people say here anyway haha. She is probably going to finish her mission out here in La Joya :) Hermana Kraczek is now in an area called Atlixco in a part named Tulipanes. Apparently it is super beautiful there especially around Christmas time, and there are tons of flowers so that is pretty cool for her :) Her comp is Hermana Sanchez who actually came with me and the three other missionaries from my district. She is in my generation, whoo whoo! She speaks spanish and English fluently and she and I sat next to each other on the flight here to Mexico so that is something pretty sweet :) 

Alright so....this week was a little crazy because it was my first week "alone" like being the only one who knew who people were and where we were going so that was an adventure! But we made it through! The only bad thing was that our numbers this week were a little bit sad....but it`s ok because we can always improve and become better and the Savior can help us accomplish our goals and become the missionaries and people that He wants us to be so we don`t even have anything to worry about. This week we had an appointment with a lady that Hna Kraczek and I contacted on the street but Hermana Lara and I couln`t find her. We asked a ton of people but no one knows who she is...we didn`t know her last name so that presented a bit of a problem haha ;) but apparently she doesn`t exist.... but it worked out because we contacted like five other people while looking for her and we even knocked on a door and this cute little old lady answered and when we asked if Guadelupe lived there she actually said yes! How incredible right (insert question mark here :) ). She told us that Guadelupe was at work but that we could come in so we did, and we taught her part of the first lesson, taught her to pray, invited her to come to church with us, told her we would pass on Sunday for her, and picked up a new investigator! yep, that´s right. We are pretty awesome missionaries ;) haha yeah sorry, I am a tiny bit weird today so sorry if some of this doesn`t really make sense.... Well, we passed for her on Sunday but she wasn`t there so that was a little sad...but we have an another appointment with her on Tuesday so let`s hope she can come with us this Sunday :) 

 Oh! so something interesting...on Saturday we went to an ofrenda :) it´s like an offering that the Catholics do for the dead because it was día de muertos :) So we saw the picture of the person who died (their grandma) and there was a sign that said "Bienvenidos Abuelita Anita" with flowers all around it and crosses and stuff and there where two really huge candles by the sign too. Behind all this stuff there was a huge display of food and drinks that Anita loved while she was living and they also put out mole (mole-eh) and rice and stuff like that. There was seriously so much food! Tons of fruit and coke and candy and just a ton of food. They also have inscence burning too so that there is a...a...smell...haha I can`t think of the right word in English... oh! aroma! :) so that there is an aroma for the dead to smell and follow to their ofrenda. 

It is so interesting how there are so many different beliefs here on the earth and so many different religions... I am really grateful that we have the knowledge of the restored gospel here on the earth and that we know the plan of God; that we have the plan of Salvation and that we can live again after this life with our Father in Heaven, our Savior Jesus Christ and our families. This truly is a huge blessing that God has given us and it really does bring so much happiness in our lives! I am grateful for the chance I have to be here as a missonary, a representative of Jesus Christ, to share this message with the people here so that they can revel in this great knowledge as well and receive more peace and hope in their lives. I know that the Lord is preparing the hearts of many people right now for me and my companions to teach. I know that He has a plan for each one of us and that it is unique and  catered to our individual needs. Each plan is perfect and beautiful and designed to help us reach our full divine potential. And that is also something that is super amazing! God has given us the tools to become perfect. He had given us everything. All we need to do is ask for direction. I love the first book of Nehi in the Book of Mormon because Nephi has so much faith and it blows my mind to read about it! I really can`t wait to meet him and the other prophets of old after this life. But I love the story when he is asked by the Lord to build a ship because Nephi doesn`t ask "How am I supposed to build a ship (QM). How do I even start (QM)" He instead asks the Lord "Where do I go to find the tools to make the ship" Or something like that...I don`t remember his exact words. But basically, it is so incredible that he asks the Lord to help him make the tools so that he can then make the ship. He has no doubts in the Lord`s abilities or in the things that the Lord asked of him. We need to do the same thing. We need to ask the Lord to help us see the good in things when we are having a bad day. We need to ask him to help us see what it is that we need to learn when we don`t understand why we have the trials we have. We can also ask Him to help us achieve our divine potential so that we can be the sons and daughters that he wants us to be. It is so important to ASK the Lord, in all things. He commands us to pray always that we may conquer Satan. How incredible is that promise! If we pray everyday in the morning when we arise and in the night before we retire, and also have a prayer in our hearts and minds throughout the day, we will be able to CONQUER Satan. That is such a beautiful promise! Who wouldn`t want to conquer Satan? Who wouldn`t want the power and promise of the Lord that the Devil will have no power over us because we will be able to win every battle? 

How important is prayer if God, the creator of the universe, has asked that we communicate with Him? Pretty important I would say. Prayer is a commandment. I hope we never forget that. Pray everyday so that you can conquer the storms of the adversary. Your prayers are your life jackets while you are sailing your ship along the ocean of life. When the storms hit, you don`t want to take any chances. Put on your life vest every morning and never falter. Never undo those precious buckles by forgetting to pray because it will only make it that much easier for Satan to drown you when his storms beat upon you.  

I know that this is true, without a doubt. I know that prayer is power and that it works. I know the Lord answers our prayers and that everyone is important to Him. He knows us all individually because we are His. He cares about us all and cares about what we go through. Everything that happens to us, good or bad, is important to Him and He wants to help us; He wants to hear about our lives. He wants to be a part of them. "Pray always that you may conquer Satan..." Be firm in the faith everyone and continue to be awesome sons and daughters! I know that we as latter-day Saints have the power to change the world for the better and we have a calling to spread the gospel to all the world. Keep looking for all the miracles the Lord puts in your path, keep praying fervently for strength and guidance and the ability to become who the Lord wants you to be. I hope that all this made sense and that you have a fantastic week! I love you all so much and I thank you for your love and support. It means a lot :) Until next week!

Hermana Walker

Here is a photo of me and Hna Kraczek on the car ride to changes...yes, those are tears in our eyes...