Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014 Mission Activity and Cow Brains!

OOH! so we had a mission activity this passed Saturday at the Church. We invited our investigators and a lot of less actives but...yeah only members came so it was more like a ward party haha. But it was still really fun. Hermana Lara and I made book marks that had the infinity sign on one side and the words "Por toda la eternidad" and then on the other side was a scripture in Matthew 16:18-19 that talks about what so ever is sealed here on the earth is also sealed in the Heavens and we wrote "Las familias pueden ser eternas" underneath the scripture. We passed these out in the beginning of the activity because we started out with a little message about eternal families and then we broke out for the activities which were: basketball and soccer (which sadly we couldn`t play because we are missionaries and it wasn`t monday...) and juegos del mesa! Which we could play :) (board games). We played chutes and ladders and chinese checkers and uno :) after we all ate fruit outside and everyone seemed to have a great time so that`s good :) It was a great activity :) I got a really great picture of Hna Marce...haha I laughed SO hard!!! I was crying! :) I`m going to send some pics from the activity warned...I am really chubby and it makes me so sad! My face is all nice and chubby so that`s really awesome ;) But whatever, I have been called to a mission with like the best food in Mexico and you do not bajar de peso aqui...only if you get sick from the food or you are a missionary with really good genes... Well anyway, it was a great activity and we had a pretty good turn out, even if they were all members :) 

Oh haha I have something else to tell you all....So one day I was starving and we have no food in the house. But we live right in front of like a "center" were there are basketball courts and stuff (it`s right in front of the catholic church) and people set up their little stand things and sell stuff. Well, this day, there was a lady and she was selling some taquitos and so we went over and asked what was in them and how much they were. I didn`t understand what she said they were made of and my comp didn`t say anything so I thought, alright cool, it isn`t anything gross. And I bought two little taquitos. And I ate them. They tasted a tiny bit burned but nothing else was wrong with them and yeah I ate em. Well, later on in the evening, Hermana Lara says to me, "Oh yeah Hermana, I forgot to tell you what was in hose taquitos. It was cesos" To which I replied "Que es eso" (insert question mark) "Cerebrum de vaca." ...That`s right. I ate cow brain! haha whooo! Que rico no (mark) it was pretty funny haha :) 

Well anyway, I am now going to close because I am running out of time. Here is my mensaje espiritual en "spanglish" ;)

Here it spanglish... :)

Hoy en la mañana yo estaba leyendo en la nueva testamento en Mateo y no me acuerdo exactamente estuvo pero creo que es algo como capitulo 8 y 9... pero bueno no importa. La importante es que yo leí sobre algunos de los milagros que hizo Jesucristo y siempre hay una pattern. El siempre dijo que "según su fe, se sano". Siempre siempre. Y en estas momentos en la mañana I was hit by la poder de esta cosa. La fe es tan importante y bien poderoso que puede sanar los enfermos y the deaf and the blind. It can raise people from the dead and heal a woman of an enfermedad de sangre solo por tocando la ropa de Cristo en fe. Que maravillosa! 

Tambien me encanta la parte con la...pues no me acuerdo como se llama pero un hombre approached Jesus and told him that his servant was ill and asked if Christ could heal him. Of course the Savior said yes but the response of the man was incredible. He said that he was unworthy to have the Lord Jesus Christ enter his home and that if the Savior would just say that his servant would be healed that that would be sufficient and the servant would no longer be ill. It says in the scriptures that Jesus marvelled. He marvelled! I was blown away by that line because in my mind the Savior doesn`t marvel at things because he is perfect and already knows the will of God and can perform miracles and all that so when I read that the Savior marvelled at the faith of this man I was blown away. The savior said that he hadn`t seen faith like this in all of Jerusalem (I think it was Jerusalem). Anyway, when I read that it hit me that faith is so strong and so powerful and that I really need to pray and ask for more faith...on a daily basis.... The Savior told the man that it would be done even as he had said because of his faith. And his servant was healed within that very hour. It´s incredible! 

De esta hora de estudios yo tuve en la mañana yo aprendí que milagros no produce la fe, pero la gran fe produce los milagros. Como representantes de Jesucristo, es muy importante que siempre tenemos fe, gran fe, la fe a hacer milagros en el nombre de Jesucristo, la fe a cambiar vidas y invitar otros a venir a Cristo y ser perfectos en él. La fe es algo muy sencillo y difícil en la mismo momento pero es muy importante porque es la primer principio del Evangelio de Jesucristo. Se que la fe es poder. Se que sin fe no tenemos nada y no vamos a recibir bendiciones ni ver milagros en nuestra vida. Estoy muy agradecida por la oportunidad tengo a orar y pedir por más fe porque no estoy perfecta y tengo mis dudas y faltas pero Jesucristo puede ayudarme a tener la fe suficiente a hacer milagros en su nombre como su representante por la próximo 13 meces. Esta llamamiento que tenemos es muy hermoso y tan importante. Nunca vamos a tener esta mismo oportunidad ni experiencias y yo creo que nunca vamos a crecer más cerca de nuestro Padre Celestial en nuestra vida de en estas momentos aquí en la misión.

Se que no es facil pero es totally worth it! Nothing worth having is ever easy and salvation never was easy, as President Holland once said. 

Solo quiero compartirles una escritura que me gusta mucho y que me ayuda mucho. Esta en Isaías 48:10 y dice, "He aquí te he purificado, y no como a plata; te he escogido en el horno de la aflicción." 

Se que esto es verdad y muy importante a recordar porque Dios tiene un plan más grande para nosotros que podemos ver en cualquier momento y aveces pasamos pruebas muy fuertes y no entendimos porque pero él esta purificando nos en el horno de aflicción para que podemos ser como él quiere y podemos ser más fuertes en el futuro. 

I love you all and hope your thanksgiving was fantastic and that you all got really fat off of delicious food! Hope you have a great week and prepare for Christmas with your mind and hearts centered on the true meaning (as cliche as that sounds...) You all are amazing and I keep you in my heart and in my prayers!

Love always,
Hermana Walker :)

Hermana Lara and I in front of a note written by Sebas (one of the investigators that told us he wasn`t interested... :,( )

Me and a little boy...ah! que triste! no me acuerdo su nombre... but we`re doing bunny ears :)         

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