Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014 Planting Seeds

Hello everyone!

Well, it has already been another crazy is that!? And...I forgot my agenda in my other bag so...I am going to have a little bit of a hard time remembering what happened this week.... but oh well, here it goes :)

Um, well today we went to a meeting with the ward council to talk about the missionary activity that we are doing as a ward and guess what? IT WAS AT FIVE O`CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!! When the alarm went off...yeah...Hermana Lara and I did not want to get out of bed. But, we did and we even got dressed and all that but didn`t do our make up haha, are you kidding me? It`s five in the morning...on P-day...I am not puttin on make up. Anyway, we walked to the church (well kind of jogged because we were a little late..) and sat in the meeting and talked about the activity and the new plan that our Mission President received as revelation for our mission so that the ward council can know what we need to do and they can be a part of it, like be more involved in missionary work. Anyway, so that was fun. And the Elders came too but they came in their pajamas and all lame ;) After the meeting we were able to sleep for an hour and a half because we woke up an hour and a half earlier, and it is P-day, but I couldn`t sleep for more than like 15-20 minutes because there were things going on in the world since people were awake and chuggin along and there was so much light coming in from the windows that I just couldn`t basically it was a huge waste of my time since I didn`t accomplish anything...but whatever, Hermana Lara slept beautifully and was able to regain some strength and energy so this is bueno :) 

Um, after that we just cleaned our house and stuff and then we went over to Hermana Marce`s house since she invited us to eat and make desserts :) I taught them how to make cake mix cookies but they turned out weird since the oven is super weird and doesn`t have numbers so I couldn`t tell what the temperature was and I actually don`t remember the measurements of the oil or the amount of eggs exactly so that was a guess...and Marce doen`t have pans for cookies for the oven haha so..yeah but they turned out ok :) Only a little bit flat :) we also made a dessert of lemon and cream and stuff and cookies. It sounds weird how I just described it haha, like, eww, I don`t want to eat that... but it is actually really good :) So yeah that was fun :) But we were there for a while because Marce hadn`t finished making the food yet and we couldn`t leave without eating because that would be rude and she would probably get then we ruched over here to write and here I am typing the weekly email :) 

(I am so sorry this is so boring!!) 

Anyway, So it was really exciting yesterday at church because Diliana and her family came to church!!!! Diliana is a less active who is pregnant right now and tells us that she is always tired and can never wake up on time to come to church so she obvioulsy doesn`t come...but she totally came this week and she brought her three kids and her husband (who isn`t a member, who we are teaching) so we had a less active and an investigator in the reunion sacramental. It was pretty cool :) Diliana`s brother is also less active and he came with them as well so yeah it was super cool :) 

Oh man, I have some sad we went and visited a man named Sebastian and his daughter and we taught them once earlier in the week and they accepted a time and date for us to return so they were counted as new investigators so that was super awesome and we were really excited! But...then Sebas called us one morning and told us that he wasn`t interested anymore and that there is only one true way-the way of the Catholics. Hermana Lara was the one that spoke to him and she handled it really well but when we hung up with him we were really sad because we lost the opportunity to teach two new people and help them bring salvation to their souls. It was a little bit crushing. Especially because right after that we went with Ofelia (a reference from a member in the other ward) and she told us that she respects us and our beliefs but that they don`t correspond with what she was taught or with what she feels is right and so then we lost another one...and that one was really hard and really sad because there we were with scriptures open, sitting at her table inside her house and she was telling us very directly to our faces that she wasn`t interested. It was so so sad... But you know what? These things happen and this is the mission. They just weren`t fully prepared by the Lord and it isn`t their time, but they know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is out there, they know a little bit more about our beliefs and when they are ready, they know where to find it. Sometimes as missionaries, we find people that need seeds planted and so we go and do, we plant. But the majority of our time as missionaries is spent finding and teaching those who are prepared by the Lord to accept the Savior and the message that we, as His servants, bring. We just have to keep on going in the faith and keep trying and then the Lord will bless us. 

Well since I can`t really remember much else this week and I am running out of time, I only want to share a scripture with you guys to close :) 

Alma 34:32 "Porque he aqui, esta vida es cuando el hombre debe prepararse para comparecer ante Dios; sí, el día de esta vida es el día en que el hombre debe ejecutar su obra"

Ahora es la tiempo para preparamos por la segunda venida del Señor. Esta vida que tenemos es muy muy importante y especialmente la oportunidad que tenemos para arrepentirnos. Todos hacer errores y necesitamos arrepentir para que Jesucristo puede sanarnos y ayudarnos a ser limpios. Dios nos da los instrumentos para fortalecernos y prepararnos. Ellos son la oración, las escrituras, El evangelio restaurado de Jesucristo, y más importante, su Hijo Amado, Jesucristo. Tenemos la oportunidad cada semana a asistir la capilla y tomar la santa cena para que podemos renovar nuestros convenios con él y también recordar siempre nuestro Salvador Jesucristo y los cosas que él hacia por nosotros. Yo quiero "challenge" ustedes para tratar para tener una experiencia muy espiritual en esta Domingo durante la santa cena. Tratar con todo su fuerza a pensar en Jesús y su sacrificio y orar y pensar en los maneras en que pueden mejorar sus vidas para que pueden vivir más como nuestro Padre Celestial y nuestro Salvador Jesucristo quieren. Tenemos un potencial muy especial y muy poderoso pero necesitamos pedid por ayuda para obtenerla. Se que Jesucristo vive y es mi Salvador y que no hay otra nombre en que podemos ser salvos sino por medio Jesucristo. El es la luz del mundo y mi guía para siempre. Espero que es la mismo para ustedes. Eso es mi testimonio por la semana, y lo comparto en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen. 

Have a great week! I love you all! Thank you for all your support and love and letters :) 

Love always,

Hermana Walker :) 

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