Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014 Goals and Luis

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry!! I have absolutely no time to write today! Today is the worst day as far as email time goes but yeah so basically lots of stuff happened today and it was awesome! We went to Hermana Marci´s house today to do our laundry and while we waited for our clothes to get clean in her cool little machine thing (yeah isn´t that awesome! We don´t have to wash it by hand when we go to her house! and I can use my little tide pods still so that is super nice since I still have a whole other package I need to use). Anyway, while we were waiting we made her and her kids breaksfast! We made crepes from my memory and they actually turned out so that was cool. And she wanted the recipe so we gave it to her. She is so cute! She is basically an angel for us! She is fantastic!
Ok now here is the craaazzy part! And grandma...please don´t kill me...but I totally let Hermana Kraczek...cut my hair!! The ends were all dry and nasty and stuff so she basically chopped it off....and she gave me bangs so....I look really different now...Hopefully you all still will love me...and by the time I get home I should look a little bit more like I did when I left so it won´t actually be an issue for any of you but, my hair is super short now....I will attach a picture or two so you can see. She has like no real training in hair cutting but I just trusted her and I was sick of looking gross in public ;) haha well I really was sick of having hair like a desert so it´s chopped off! anyway, after the hair cut we went to Puebla and we were going to go to the pyramids but we got really distracted by this awesome fair thing that they are having that is only here for this week! So of course we had to go!!
There was so much stuff there! But we couldn´t take pics of videos because we aren´t supposed to look like tourists....but it was super cool! I bought one of those cool mexican jackets :) I am super excited for it! But I couldn´t pick which color I wanted so we bought the two that I wanted and we will pick later I guess. WE also bought some food there because it is super delicious and they were having like steal deals! They were really awesome! Oh yeah and Hermana Kraczek broke her glasses, like the little handle thing that goes around your ears to keep the glasses on (I don´t know the name haha) that thing just fell off on one side so a member that we encountered in Puebla and he totally fixed her glasses for free!! So basically that was pretty awesome and a miracle from our Hevenly Father! So we are going to go to the pyramids next week and I will send pics ok?
Um, oh yeah so I made a goal for myself that I am going to contact 10 people everyday and I totally contacted 11 yesterday so that was pretty crazy and I felt awesome and I have officially invited 5 people to be baptized although the first three were in the same lesson and they didn´t understand me... and I was actually kind of firm with Victor haha but I felt really strongly that I needed to say what I said so that is good. And Victor came to church on Sunday so that was awesome!
We had another baptism this last Saturday for one of our investigators named Luis. He is married to a girl that is 16! He is only 19 but still....that is so crazy to me haha. They are so young! And she is pregnant haha so that is crazy! Ok well I really need to go now! I love you all and I am so sorry that this week is lame as far as my email goes but this internet (the little shops we go to) is really slow and not good so we aren´t coming back here again But yeah I have no more time! I love you so much everyone! Have a fantastic week! 

Love always,
Hermana Walker

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