Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014 Dogs and My Epic Fall

Alright, how are you all doing this week? I hope you are all doing really great! :) So, I made a recording last night or the night before, I can´t remember...but I made it and it ended up being like 12 minutes long so...yeah I am going to have to make a different one and send it next week but yeah so basically in the recording I told you two stories :)

The first one happened while we were doing divisions with different hermanas de la Iglesia. I was with Hermana Magdalena and we were walking to la casa de Candi, Diana y Chewi. So we were waiting outside like on the outskirts of the front yard waiting for someone to come out. Well, they have two dogs and one of them is like a big black lab. He is so cute and really friendly and it´s so cool because he plays fetch...with pieces of bricks! What the!? Yeah, it is pretty awesome. But so he came out and then the other little dog who is like a chihuahua or someting, came out after. Well, the chihuahua was sniffing my leg and stuff and I was all, yeah whatever, a lot of dogs do that, so I just kept watching the door and then, all of a sudden, I feel something warm on my foot and I realize that the dog is peeing on me!! So I kind of screamed and like shook my foot off, almost stepping on the little dog in the process....yeah, that was so awesome. I got peed on, right on my foot. So yeah then we went into the house and taught the lesson like normal but I just think it is really funny and it will be a good story for later; especially when I can tell my kids that I was peed on right outside my investigator´s house ;) 

The other story I have to tell is also pretty awesome and I have some documented evidence that is not for the eyes of the weak in stomach... So on Saturday, Hermana Kraczek and I went and bout a big ol cake for a menos activa for her birthday. We went to drop it off but she wasn´t home...then it started to rain muy fuerte so we just ran a little ways to the house of hermana Betti and she drove us home. We put the cake in the fridge and called the Hermana leaders of our mission to tell them that they didn´t need to wait for us for the young women´s conference because we were just going to go watch it in the house of hermana Betti. yeah so long story short, we watched the conference at her house and Mariana was there (The less active who was having a birthday that day) and we all ate cake and it was a grand old time! But, it was late and dark and we needed to get home so we could be en casa en tiempo. So we leave and I am holding my little sterofoam (haha I totally forgot how to spell that word...) plate with a piece of cake on it.
Oh yeah and in the first few days here in the mission, Hermana Kraczek taught me this trick to make me run faster. Basically you just kind of squat so that you can extend your legs and then you run faster and I have no idea how it works but it totally does! So we were doing that to get home faster and I was laughing so hard because it is so crazy to me how it works and how I can be going so fast! Hermana Kraczek has to jog/run to keep up with my "speed walk". Anyway so we are both laughing so hard and it is really dark and we are basically bookin it. Well, we turn the corner and Hermana Kraczek jumps over one of the many speed bumps in the street. I, being asian and having eyes half the size of normal people, did not happen to see the speed bump in the darkness of the night, on a black road, and so naturally, I trip. And I flew! I smacked the ground so hard. Estaba bien bien fuerte. My cake goes flying off the plate, that I still had in my hands, my left elbow smacked the ground as well as my right hand and both of my knees. After all those body parts hit the ground I decided I was really tired and that I was in a lot of pain, so I just laid down for a minute groaning and laughing all at once.
Hermana Kraczek heard and saw all of this and ran to my side to help me up. When I stood up I walked over to my cake, lying dead in the street and said, like a true fat woman, "oh no!! My cake!" We both just laughed and laughed and I was really embarrassed after falling (especially because there were two people behind us and I have no idea how long they were there...) but we walked all the way back to our house and I had yet to shed a tear. When we got to our door, my right leg felt really wet so I was all, oh man I think I´m bleeding pretty bad. Hermana Kraczek told me not to look at it because apparently it was pretty bad.... well I looked at it when we got inside and oh man, it was somethin else! There was so much blood and my skin was so dirty from the street that it looked like I had rocks stuck in my knees. Don´t worry mom, there wasn´t any rocks! :) Well, yeah anyway, Hermana Kraczek cleaned me up and rubbed alcohol on me (that´s the part that made me cry) and she bandaged me up. There are more details to the story but I am running out of time so I need to wrap it up :)
Hermana Marina, the wife of the lidér misional (the people we live with) is like a nurse person or something and so she helped me on sunday to wrap it better and she cut out the meat of an aloe vera plant and stuck it on me. I think I am doing better and hopefully they aren´t infected but I am still really happy and doing great so don´t worry! I just wanted to share this story because it is something different and "exciting" that happened this week so I spiced things up a bit ;) I also have really nasty pics to send you so I hope you enjoy em ;) I looked like something out of a horror movie...

I love you all so much and I pray for you all! I hope that you have a fantastic week with lots of awesome opportunities to serve and to have spiritual experiences. Try to look for the hand of God in everyday because it is there and I promise you that you will be surprised at all the tiny miracles He grants us everyday. I really love you all a lot and I hope you like all the pics! I have a lot to make up for...

Hermana Walker

P.s. Mom, our hands are fine. They are just a little darker in some places and they don´t hurt or anything. But we have an appointment with a dermitologist (can´t spell that either) and he/she will look at them for us. Don´t worry! The Lord is going to protect us and I am sure that it is nothing :) 

Just a "little blood!"
Healing knees

Our "weird hand problem!"


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