Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015 Enedina, Edgar and The Most Important Things

Hello everyone! I hope all is well with all of you and that you had a fantastic week :) This week we found a new investigator who seems really nice but she has a problem...well a few actually hha. The first is that she isn´t married :/ the other is that she takes care of her mom on the weekends and so she isn´t here....that means she can´t go to church with us on Sundays....but, we have another appointment with her this week and we are hoping to convince her of the truth of the gospel and the importance of assisting church each Sunday. 

Armando and Heber came to church yesterday!!! Heber doesn´t have his baptismal date anymore because we feel like he still has a few doubts and that he isn´t quite strong enough in his own testimony so we are going to wait with him a little bit longer. Armando is going to have his interview tomorrow for his baptism! :) We passed by yesterday to see him but he wasn´t home....but we are going to pass by today so that we can review what the other missionaries had taught him before and the things that he needs to know for his interview so that he feels comfortable. Please keep him in your prayers so that he can become a very firm and strong member and that he can keep learning and progressing :) 

Yesterday we had a really great experience :) two young men (of 16 years of age) accompanied us to visit Armando but when we got to the house he wasn´t there haha so we just walked down a few houses and knocked on the door of another investigator that lives on the same street (her name is Enedina). She happened to be home and invited us in and so we entered haha ;) and we had an amazing lesson with her! We were able to feel the spirit while we were with her and the two young men shared their testimonies and scriptures and even invited her to pray to know if what we taught her was true and invited her to come to church with us! They are amazing :) 

One of the young men said two things that really stuck out to me, that I liked a lot :) His name is Edgar :) he´s really cool. Here are the two things that I learned from him that I really liked! In fact, he is now diary famous cuz I wrote all about it in my journal when we got home yesterday haha :)

 He was explaining to the investigator that sometimes we feel like arrows flung into the air randomly and that we don´t have any direction. He said that God and the gospel give us the direction that we need. I added on to it a little and explained that God wants us to hit the bull´s eye of the target because that is where He is. The gospel of Christ guides and directs us to hit that perfect spot so that we aren´t like lost arrows floating in mid air just waiting to crash into a tree or some other object, but that we are flying with a guided and directed purpose. But yeah, it was a really great analogy. :)

 The other thing that I loved was that he asked very specific questions. While we were explaining about what we do at church, he asked Enedina, "If you received a phone call, like you did just now (because she went to answer the phone like 5 minutes before), and they told you that tomorrow you were going to die, what would you do in the last few hours of your life?" And at first I was thinking, aw man, he´s going to get all off topic with that question. Why did he ask it? But i didn´t say anything, I just waited and watched Enedina´s face. We waited and the Enedina answered and said that she would call her loved ones and be with the ones that lived close and that she would settle some temporal things (like payments or her will etc...). He then said that he had thought about this before as well and had come to the same conclusion; that he would be with his family and probably do some of the things that he had always wanted to do but then he said, "Jesus knew that He was going to die before He actually did and I wondered if I would have done the same thing that He did. He didn´t go say goodbye to His mother or anything like that. What He did was sit down to dinner, the last supper, and He prepared and blessed bread and wine (water) to share with His apostles so that they would/might always remember Him. That is what He did in His last moments..." and he then went on to explain a little bit more about the Sacrament and why it is so important. What the!? yeah, i was pretty much blown away by this kid! When I was his age, I did not think like that haha. I still hadn´t thought of it that way until he just explained it yesterday! I still am like, amazed at the Spirit and power that this young man brought into the lesson and the things that he taught me that night (yesterday). It was amazing! :) But yeah, the other young man that went with us was also very incredible and he is actually a recent convert :) He is the convert of one of the sisters that was in my district in the MTC (I don´t know if you remember Sister Petersen, but it´s her convert :) ) he shared his testimony as well and they both just spoke with such power and sincerity, I loved it! Enedina cried during the lesson :) Edgar is going to accompany us agai ntonight! I´m excited :) 

Well, those were like the main highlights of this week :) oh yeah, we also had interviews with President and they were pretty great :) He is awesome and his wife too :) I love them :) 

I hope that you enjoyed the letter this week and that you all can keep searching out the light that God has placed in each of your lives through personal and family prayer, personal and family scripture study and regular assistance to church each Sunday. I also hope and expect that all of you that are home are actively participating in missionary work and in your family home evenings :) By doing all these small and simple things, great blessings will enter your lives and you will be able to feel the great love that our Father in Heaven has for each one of you :) I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week!

Love always,
Hermana Walker


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