Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015 Promptings of the Holy Ghost and Making Changes!

Well, it is crzy to me how the time flies because this change is almost over...i can´t believe it. Sorry this is going to be a little lame because I don´t have a ton of time and so I just copied and pasted some things that I wrote to the mission President and to one of my friends haha so here it goes. I love you guys and hope you have a great week! 

Oh my gosh guess what!? So on saturday we were waiting at a bus stop to go to the stake center for a baptism and a man totally asked me if I wanted a beer...haha what the? yeah how crazy right? So I told him no thank you and he went on like aw come on why not? and all that and I told him that I don´t drink and then he like left me alone after that but I just thought it was pretty funny how I have NEVER been offered beer or drugs or anything like that in my life and then suddenly I am a missionary, set apart to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and some man asks me if I want a beer when I am wearing a name tag that says "Jesucristo" on it.... "isn´t it ironic, don´t you think?" but yeah, that was the only thing really cool slash crazy slash interesting that happened this week.

On Saturday (before we went to the baptism) the bishop called my companion and told her that she was called to speak on Sunday about missionary work. She used the talk that Elder Holland gave in 2012 u}at the general conference. The one where he describes what he thinks that Savior might have said to Peter and the other apostles (when he planches them pretty good...). But so, we both read the talk and thought about it and all that. We love it so much! It´s super awesome. But, yesterday we were walking all afternoon after church and our studies and we went to houses and knocked on doors to contact references and to try to find new investigators and...nothing. We had nothing that day. Just one referral contacted and nothing else. The good thing is is that we made it to our house on time and we passed in the numbers on time as well but...we felt pretty bad because we hadn´t accomplished all that we wanted to. But we planned and we talked and we came to a conclusion. We need to change the way we do things. We need to change a few habits such as....visiting the SAME people all the time! I don´t know a LOT of members or less actives or investigators for that matter, because we always go with the same people. We were looking at the map that we have plastered to the wall and we realized that we have been walking in like the same big circle my whole time here...we never leave San Baltazar. So yeah, we learned what we need to do in order to be more successful and we are excited to start making this change that we should have made a looong time ago. Thank you Elder Holland! Well, really I know that it was the Holy Ghost that prompted us to read that specific talk and that it was listening to the Holy Ghost that made the words stick in my head that as disciples or members or missionaries of the living Savior, Jesus Christ, we are expected to make changes. We can´t be like the apostles that returned to their old ways, to their old way of living-to being fishermen instead of fishers OF men. We have to make changes. We have to progress. We are expected to fulfill our divine destiny and become true disciples of the Savior who are on the move, who act, and who progress. When we said our prayer to close our daily planning session yesterday, these where the thoughts and words that passed in my brain. This was my answer. This was the thing that I needed to read and to hear and to remember so that I can put it into action and so that our area and our ward and the work of our Father in Heaven move forward. We want to see progress. We want to work. We want to be successful. I know that those things come from being faithful and obedient to the commandments of God and to the rules of the mission. I know that it comes through faith and the Spirit. I know that we can accomplish all of this and help bring souls unto Christ, their salvation, by the power of our Heavenly Father but I know that it requires effort-hard work- that it won´t be easy. But that is the way it has to be so that we can try to understand at least a tiny bit of what it feels like to truly walk with Christ. 

I know that this is the true gospel restored here on the earth, that this is the church of Jesus Christ and that He is at the helm, leading us through these stormy waters that we must cross in order to make it back to the Father. I know that with Christ I can do all things and that with Him and with my faith in Him, I can help build the kingdom of God here on earth and preach the gospel of salvation to my brothers and sisters. I am proclaiming His love and meanwhile, I am feeling it. I feel it everyday. I know that it is real, that all of this is real. I am a daughter of a loving Heavenly Father and I know that I have been called here to bring my spirit brothers and sisters to the full, restored and perfect knowledge of their Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Love you all!! 

Hermana Walker

P.s. picture with my comp next week. Promise. (I know, my english is surperb....) ;)

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