Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015 It's a Girl - Becoming a Mother in the Field!

That´s right! I am going to be a mom tomorrow!!! I´m gonna train!!! I can´t believe it! It feels like a dream haha! I can´t believe that it is real....and tomorrow in the changes meeting I am going to meet my daughter! Whahoo!! I am super excited because the new missionaries always have a ton of awesome energy and they are really excited to work and serve and I feel like it will really help out our area :) I think my daughter is going to be Latino but I have no idea where she is going to be I will tell you all the details next week and I will send pictures also :) President told us that there are 6 or 7 new sisters and I think there are 2 elders coming and he told us that they are like all latinos and one north american so that is how I know that I am going to have a latino daughter :) I´m super excited! We got the call from the zone/district leaders (they are the leaders for both haha) on thursday night and they told me that I was going to train! and then all the trainers went to a meeting in the mission house on Saturday to learn a little bit more about training and the expectations of our mission President for us as trainers and our new missionaries. It was really awesome :) And yeah, tomorrow I am going to meet my new companion and welcome her to the life of a missionary :)  But yeah...that is my big news for the week! :) I will also tell you where my comp Hna Oaxaca is going to die....she dies this next´s so sad! She is going home in April...all my companions go home like, right after I have them as companions.... Pray for me a lot!! And for mi hija! We both need a lot of help and prayers because....I still feel like I don´t know what I am doing and I need to be a good mom for this missionary so that she has a really awesome entrenamiento and not a really stinky one... 

I finished Genesis! I started in Exodos this morning and I am really loving my Bible reading because I learn more about the history of the world and the gospel and I can remember more details of the stories that I learned in Sunday School. I just started reading about Moses and the Egyptians and realized that that Dreamworks video isn´t really the best source of information haha ;) It has some details added for suspense and drama that aren´t it doesn´t have the fullness of the gospel... ;) how sad! But I am really glad I am learning all the details from the Bible and not from Hollywood ;) How is it going with your scripture reading? did you guys take the Book of Mormon challenge or the Bible challenge? I guess you can take them both...but I realized that maybe I am giving you too many challenges because I am a little bit excited about all the things that I am learning haha ;) well, the most important thing is that you guys are reading everyday so, I will be happy with whatever challenge you choose to accept ;) 

Keep me posted with the mission status of Cody and tell me when he gets his call! I am really excited to see where he gets called! :) 

Ok well, I need to go! I love you all and I hope that you have a great day and a fantastic week! I can´t wait to hear from you all! P.s. Sorry Kris, I can´t write you back but I read your email! Thanks for writing me back! :) And thanks for sending the package! I still haven´t gotten it but I am super excited! That was really sweet of you to send me something :) 

I´m gonna try to send some pictures this week :) I love you all:)

Love always,
Hermana Walker :)  

Carnaval (painted black)
Carnaval (painted red)
Me with some young men who particpated in Carnaval

People from Carnaval in Huejo

The sign we made for our mini golf "actividad misional"

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