Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015 9 Months Old and Moroni's Baptism

Hey everyone! How are you all doing!?

So...guess who turns 9 months old today...? Yup, that´s right, I turn 9 months old today!!! And my daughter is totally the cutest because she made me breakfast and a little "Happy 9 months" sign :) I will attach the picture so yáll can see it :) 

We had Moroni´s baptism this Friday!! It was really nice :) Well, it was actually really stressful but...remind me to tell you the story when I get home haha...all I will tell you now is that he was so happy to finally be baptized and so it made it all worth it in the end :) He´s the cutest kid! :) I sent the pics from his baptism in another email because they wouldn´t all guys are going to get a lot of photos this week, be happy about that ;)

haha oh yeah and also in the last lesson that we had with him and his family I ended up doing a few things for them in Donald Duck and he and his sibs were laughing SO hard!! It made me laugh super hard to hear them laughing....oh man it was pretty great :) But yeah so after his baptismal service and all that he came up to me and asked me if I could do "the voice that isn´t my voice" for him haha. He wanted me to say "Te voy a matar!" (I´m going to kill you) because I had made little 10 commandment cards and the commandment that says "Thou shalt not kill" has a picture of a guy pointing a sword at another guy and the guy with the sword says "Te voy a matar!" and the other has his hands up in the air and he is saying "Noooo!" haha but that card was his favorite and he likes it when I say "Te voy a matar" in Donald Duck. haha Moroni calls it "the other language". So to him I can speak three languages...dang I am pretty cool... ;) haha no, it´s a joke :) 

We had stake conference this week and it was pretty exciting :) well...kind of haha. It was good at the beginning and at the end....but in the middle, it was a little rough, not gonna lie....and it did not help AT ALL that it was pretty warm in the is always a lot more enticing to fall asleep when the room is warm rather than cold, am I right? Maybe it´s just me but, the middle was a little rough for me haha. I am super excited for Conference weekend! It is going to be the best weekend in the mission because on the 3rd...I turn 20. then on the 4th and 5th we get to listen to the prophet and the apostles again!! It is going to be the best!! :) I can´t believe I am gonna be 20 years old....that is super weird.... 

OOH! Also I am super happy!! Like, ecstatic because in Cholula on sunday night (the last Sunday. Like the Sunday that we were going to find out who had transfers) Sister Lara and I put a baptismal date with one of our investigators that had been listening on and off to the missionaries for like 2 years...his wife and daughter both have been members for about two years but he still had doubts and didn´t want to get baptized. But so we put the date with him for the 14th of February and I thought, "Pues, por seguro hermana Lara tiene cambios porque va a terminar su misión entonces, a lo mejor voy a quedarme por un mes mas solo para enseñar el área a mi nueva compañera entonces, a lo mejor voy a estar por su bautismo!" But...NOPE! Oh man, it was killer! We both had changes and left the area! So my whole time here (in Atexcac) I had no idea if he did actually get baptized or not... and then the other week I ran into a member from La Joya that was here in Huejo for school and she told me that Diana´s dad got baptized!!!!! I was SO happy!!! In fact I was so happy that my comp and I walked a little ways down the wrong street haha! I finally looked around and said, "oops, sorry Hermana, la parada para las combis es mas por allá..." and we had to retrace our steps haha. But it made me so happy to hear that he got baptized and that they were all finally together, enjoying the blessings of being members of the restored church of Jesus Christ. But today I was made even happier because Diana emailed me and sent me pictures of her dad´s baptism and I was so happy and it was so beautiful that I started crying...but oh my gosh, I am so ridiculously happy right now :) It was so beautiful...  (haha I don´t actually know what face this is but...I figured that it could work for a happy crying face...right...? ;) if not, just go with it alright? :) ).

Well....I have to go now because my comp really needs to use the bathroom haha and there isn´t one we need to leave...we don´t want her to have an accident in the cyber... (Elder Sampson...recuerda esta historia que te dije de los elderes y obediencia con exactitud? No queremos que pasa eso con mi compa jaja....)

I love you all!! Have a great week! 

Love always,
Hermana Walker
My Daughter:  Hermana Estrada :)

Me and Tacos Arabes

Moroni's Baptism!!!!:)

9 mos old in the mission breakfast!

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