Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015 Spiritual Experiences with Porfirio and Moroni

Hey everyone! ¿Como están? I hope everything is going well with everyone :) 

Haha alright well, we don´t live like SUPER far away...BUT we have to go to Huejo every Monday (to buy all our food and stuff) and every Wednesday (for District meeting) and it costs twenty pesos each time we go and come back (ten each person). So just in one week we spend 80´s kind of a lot of money haha....but this week we had to go to Nealtican because that is where the Stake Center is and so we have to go to Huejo then to Nealtican and then back to Huejo and then back to our it´s like 20 pesos, 16 pesos, 16 pesos again, 20 pesos again....and we did that Wednesday and Thursday this week...and then we did the trip to Huejp two more times because we had intercambios with our Hermanas lideres this week....we spent so much money on transportation this week it isn´t even funny...but it´s all good. We are going to make it through the month without running out of money! I have faith!! :) 

So...we are going to have a baptism this weekend....ON FRIDAY!!! :) I am pretty excited about it! :) "We" are going to baptize a nine year old who has gone to church his whole life and has a perfectly active family! Yeah I know, we worked pretty hard for this baptism ;) (you are all probably wondering "Well, if they are all active and he has gone to church his whole life...why on earth hasn´t he been baptized!?" My answer is this...patience. All will be revealed in it´s due time... :) ) 

We put his date for Saturday but I didn´t know that it was going to be Stake Conference this weekend haha so....we had to change his baptism to Friday and he will be confirmed the next Sunday in Sacrament Meeting...but he is super excited and he is such a cute little kid! I love the experience that we had with him the first time we went to teach him. We had had a crazy day because we had to go to Nealtican for the Zone Conference on Wednesday and we had to leave our house right at 8 to get there on time because in la combi it takes like a little more than an hour....but yeah so we got back to our area later and still had to do all our studies and go to the appointments that we I was a little stressed out haha because I had all that stuff running around in my mind and I was trying to plan everything out and change the plans that we had had before. But so anyway, we ended up cancelling all our appointments except for two that we had with investigators. 

We first went with Porfirio was pretty tough because he doesn´t talk AT ALL! He doesn´t even shake his head "yes" or "no" to answer our questions....we had planned on teaching him the Restoration up until "Prophets" but...the Spirit told us what we needed to do and we changed the lesson and just testified to him that he truly is a child of a living God who loves him and sees his potential. We told him that maybe it was a little hard for him to open up at this point and talk about his life and interests because they are like private things from his personal life that are important to him and we told him that we understand and that everything was totally fine....we just want to help him and guide him to expand his knowledge of spiritual things and we want him to feel comfortable talking to us and expressing his thoughts and feelings regarding our discussions. We told him and testified to him that God knows who he is, that He knows his thoughts and feelings, that He knows the things that are important to him (Porfirio) and that He knows what he was thinking about in that moment. We saw on his face that he was really listening to us and that he was thinking about what we were telling him, even though he never said a single word or shook his head in any direction, we knew that he was listening to us and that the Spirit was testifying to him of these simple truths that we were sharing with him. It was a really beautiful moment that helped me to forget all the stress from earlier in the day and I was able to feel a lot of love for this 16 year old. I was able to see his potential that he has and see him a little bit more as our Father in Heaven sees him. We left him the pamphlet to read for his commitment since he didn´t say a word....his way of accepting the commitment was opening his fingers to accept the pamphlet so...yeah he accepted! We are really hoping that he has read it by our next visit!

The other really cool moment of this crazy day was when we went to visit with Moroni (the nine year old that will be baptized this Friday). Well, so we went to his house and it is really cool because his whole family is active and they all have been baptized and are all super excited for him to be baptized so there were no problems with anything. He just didn´t get baptized because when he was of age, the baptismal font was under construction and his dad had to work a lot and didn´t get home till super late on Saturday nights so...he never had the chance to get baptized. They were going to baptize him in the river...but I don´t know what happened...but the point is is that now he is an investigator of ours but he has been going to church his whole life, and he has great desires to be baptized and an adorable little testimony! The first night we went we asked him if he wants to be baptized and he said yes and then we also asked his mom why he didn´t get baptized when he was 8 and she told us what happened and all, but then he started telling us how badly he wanted to get baptized and his little eyes filled with was the cutest thing I have ever seen! Hermana Estrada and I started crying.... we had a great lesson with him about baptism and confirmation and a little about faith and obedience. We also had a moment at the end of the lesson where his parents and his brothers and sister shared their testimonies about the gospel and their baptisms and all that and the Spirit was really powerful there with us in their humble little home. It was a truly beautiful moment that touched my heart and really helped me feel a lot of peace, tranquility and love. I am really grateful to my Father in Heaven for giving me these two opportunities. I know that He knew that they would help me to feel tranquila and to help me take a deep breath, relax, and to appreciate the simple things more. It was a nice little miracle for me.

Also, the Elders are talking with the mission President about a situation that we have with a man who lives in Huejotzingo (the area of the other missionaries)...but he and his wife want him to get baptized in Atexcac (our area-the ward above that we have) and they want us to give him the discussions....we had a lesson with him this week on Saturday and it went really well! He is super ready! And he really wants to learn more and be baptized! He accepted a baptismal date that we put with him for May 2nd but we are waiting for the answer to see if we can teach him still or not.... We are really excited to be a part of his learning and progress but we also know that President needs to make the decision and we will honor whatever the outcome may be....even though we REALLY want to teach would be super sweet :) 

Well I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about what my daughter and I have been doing for the past two weeks...sorry that I don´t usually tell you much about the people we teach and all that...I will try to be better at that....but I hope you enjoyed knowing a bit more :) I will also send pictures because we both bought new cameras here since s that we brought are a little bit dumb sometimes...and we are pretty much in love with the cameras... :) so yeah, it´s been pretty fun :) and also...THERE´S MANGOS NOW!!! I am pretty excited because they are absolutely delicious and I love them to death.... :) 

Well, I love you all! Have a great week!!

Love always,
Hermana Walker






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