Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014 Faith and the Lord's Time


Well, yesterday was the big day when the Elders call us in the middle of the night to tell us if we have changes....and....only one person had changes (that they told us about) in the District. That person is Elder Thomas, our district leader. He had been here in La Joya for 6 months and is really happy to be leaving haha. Don´t take it the wrong way because La Joya is one of the best areas! The ward is amazing and so is the food and every missionary that comes here gets super fat and it`s all super awesome! (except for the getting fat part..I am really not a fan haha) But yeah, I think it is just rough because it is hard to be in the same area for 6 months...that´s a long time. That´s a third of the mission for the sisters. Well anyway, he is leaving and his comp, Elder Cuacase, is going to be a Father! He gets to train a newbie :) Elder Thomas told us that we don`t have changes (which we were really happy about because Hermana Lara and I love each other and have a lot of fun together and we love this area) but....he told us that we have assignment changes...uh-oh....I don`t really know what that means but there are only so many assignments that the sisters can have....compaƱera menor, compaƱera mayor and...hermanas lideres.... So yeah we are going to the changes meeting on Tuesday to see what`s going to happen. If we really are going to be sister leaders...I am a little scared because I still am pretty new here in the field and feel like I don`t know what I am doing sometimes (mostly with Spanish haha) but I am also really excited :) I will tell you all next week what happens with the changes :)

Well, yeah so that is something exciting :) Now I will talk a little bit about the work here in La Joya! We don`t have a ton of investigators (mostly a ton of less-actives) and the investigators that we do have aren`t really progressing much so it is a little bit disappointing....We have Joaquin who is progressing a little but that is about it. We put a baptismal date with him for the 17th of January and we are praying and hoping that he will be able to come to church 4 consecutive times and get married to his "wife" before then so that he can be baptized. I know it doesn`t seem like a whole lot of time to get married and to come to church all those Domingos but we have faith and hope and we know that the Lord can do all things! We are going to put a date with three or four other of our investigators that we feel are most likely to accept one and invite them, like always, to come to church. In the morning we were talking and finishing up a little bit of our weekly planning and we decided to say a prayer before so that Heavenly Father can help us and guide us to know what would be the best goals to put for the following week. I was kind of lacking faith because I just thought that it didn`t really matter if we prayed before or not because we were just going to do some logical thinking and put our numbers in the agenda. I think I was also just feeling tired and wanting to hurry and finish it so that also contributed to my sour view on the whole thing...I know, horrible... but we said the prayer to start, well Hermana Lara said it because I didn`t really feel like it haha. But while she was saying the prayer out loud, I was praying with my heart and in my mind that Heavenly Father could take away these negative feelings because I didn`t understand why I was having them. I asked him to help me have more faith and more faith and more faith because I was lacking. During this prayer, I was reminded of the video where Jesus Christ is out healing a bunch of people and then a man comes up to him with his sick son in his arms and asks Jesus to heal him. Jesus asked the man if he believed his son could be healed. The man answered "yes." But Jesus looked at him doubtfully and after a slight pause the man changed his answer and said "Lord, help thou my unbelief." I felt like the father in these moments because I was lacking faith. I had faith but not enough. So I asked the Lord to make up for the difference that I was lacking and asked him to help me have more faith that we would know what do to. In the prayer that Hermana Lara said, she asked that we would be able to know what to do with our investigators. Well, after the prayer, we started thining and filling in numbers (our goals for the week) and a thought came to my mind that we should just straight out tell our investigators that if they can`t come to church and keep the commitments that we invite them to do, that we need to let them go because they aren`t progressing. 

If the investigators aren´t progressing, then they aren`t learning or growing spiritually and we as misisonaries aren`t progressing either because we are spending all our time on these people who only like to talk to us as friends and not act in faith. We know that the Lord is preparing the field and that it is ready for the harvest, we just need to work hard and thrust in our sickle with all our might so that we can recieve the fruits of our labors. We know that this isn`t our time, it´s the Lord´s time and if we are just sitting there teaching the same investigators over and over and they never do anything to progress, we are wasting the Lord´s time and we aren`t fulfilling our purpose as full-time missionaries. I explained all this to Hermana Lara and she told me that this thought that I had just shared was the answer to our prayer and that it came through me. 

It was an answer that came really quickly and it helped strengthen my faith because I was able to see that it was true, that the Lord answered our prayer through me and that becuase of this thought, we were able to know what we need to do with our investigators if they aren`t progressing. It helped me know that the Lord really does answer our prayers and He tries and tests us so that we will come before him in prayer, asking for his help and for his strength. It was something really cool to witness and be a part of. 

This was one of the spiritual experiences that I had this week :) I had more too but I don`t have time to write about all of them right now haha :) I love you all so much and I hope that you have a fantastic week! :) 

Alright, I love you all! I hope that Grandma Carole and aunt Cindy are doing alright...I pray for them every night...

Have a great week and send me pics of the house with the lights and of fun activities in the snow if we have snow there... ;) 

Love always,
Hermana Walker :)

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