Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014 Sister Leaders and Dare to Be Different; Dare to Be Bold!

Alright so, as the subject line says, we have no time to write this week. Our day was super crazy and we just barely made it to the cyber and it is like 5:44 so yeah this is going to be short and probably really lame...and haha it totally doesn`t help that I really need to use the rest room because I drank a lot of water right before we came here haha but yeah whatever, these things aren`t important haha.

Alright so, guess what? We are Hermanas Lideres! Whoo! It feels really weird because I don`t feel ready haha but yeah...we get to do all the intercambios with the sisters in our zone and we get to give little classes or lessons in the zone conferences and all that fun stuff. It`s a little bit stressful but I know that I can do all things through the Lord Jesus Christ and I know that Heavenly Father and the Savior have faith and trust in me to complete this calling so I will press forward with faith and with happiness and of course with a constant prayer because I need all the help that I can get. 

Hermana Lara goes home in January...she is almost done with her mission...and I will have 6 months in this area by the time the next changes meeting happens and so it is very likely that I will have changes...that means that two new missionaries are going to come to la Joya...this is a little scary because they aren`t going to know who anyone is haha...que dificil...

We are going to have a zone conference thing for Christmas this wednesday and since we are leaders we need to be in charge of planning with the other two sisters of the zone Nealtican and the four elders (our zone leaders and the zone leaders of the Nealtican. Elder Thomas was my district leader here in la joya but now he is the zone leader in la nealtican so it is kind of funny because our two zones are going to be doing the activities together so it is kind of like he is still part of La joya haha. Elder Cuasace, the new District leader for us, is training and his son is from Tamaulipas (the part of mexico that Hna Lara is from). 

Alright, I am so sorry but I need to go now....I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week! I hope that you also all get the chance to watch the video He is the Gift in youtube and that you can share this special Christmas Spirit that we have with other people. 

Really quick:

I read an article in the Liahona the other week and read a story that really impacted me. It was a talk by L tom Perry I think, but he related a story that was told by President...oh no, I can`t remember...One of the first prophets of the Church haha, I will check later if you want to know who it was haha. Anyway, he related a story about one of his neighbors who is really well off with work and is really kind and all that but he isn`t a member. The man concluded that he could see no difference between the way he lived and the way his mormon neighbors lived and so he thought that they were just as good as the mormons and that there was no difference between him and them. The President, who I can`t remember his name, said that this is no compliment to him. I can`t remember his quote word for word but he basically said that if the gospel of Jesus Christ doesn`t make him a better man than he hasn`t developed as he should and that there is need for reform in Israel. Directly after this story President L Tom Perry said that we need to be bold and dare to be different. That we need to live temple recommend lives and always be worthy of the temple recommend. He also said that we need to not be afraid of offending people by standing up for and living temple recommend lives. 

This really impacted me and it is something that I need to be better at because sometimes I have fears of offending people and I am not as bold in my testimony of the Savior as I should be. I really hope to change in my time in the mission and become a different person so that I truly served a mission where I changed my nature and not just my character. I hope that we can all live temple recommend lives and really live how Jesus Christ would have us live. It´s important to remember that this life really is super important because every action that we make has a consequence, whether good or bad, temporal or spiritual, for time or for eternity. I hope that we can all work on being better and changing our nature and not just our characteristics. 

I love you all! I am sorry this is so lame....but have a great week!!

Love always,
Hermana Walker


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