Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22.2014 It's Almost Christmas!

Hey! So Christmas is this week and that is pretty doesn't feel like Christmas because there is no snow here and I can´t listen to Christmas music all day everyday on the radio and I didn´t buy any Christmas Presents for you guys...only for my companion haha and she doesn´t know it´s for her but she knows what it is...that´s kind of the problem that happens when you have to be together all day everyday and you have to be able to see and hear one another all the time haha. It makes surprises rather difficult. 

I loved your pictures of the ginger-bread houses and of our house :) they all looked super awesome! Next year I am going to win again ;) haha well maybe not because Elder Sampson won´t be there to help me maybe it won´t look quite as good ;) but if I have Heather on my team then it´s very possible that I can still win ;) 

I got grandma´s package and the package from you guys too. But I think I already told you that I received yours... But thank you so much! I really appreciated it :) 

Today we are going to do our first intercambios with the other sisters in our zone. They live really close to us haha so it isn´t going to feel very different haha. I really hope that I can help the sister that I am going to be compaqnions with for 24 hours :) This is the most important part...that I can help them. 

How is grandma doing? and aunt Cindy? I am praying and fasting for them a lot.... I am really sorry. We came late and I have no time to write more but I love you all and I hope that your Christmas is really amazing! I can´t wait to talk to you in Skype!! I will be talking to you on the 24th :) I don´t know what time yet...but probably around 4 here...which I think is like 3 over there. Ok well anyway. I need to go. Love you!!!

Love always,

Hermana Walker  

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