Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015 Choose To Serve

Hello everyone! 

Well, I am kind of short on time this week cuz we kind of had to run around at the last minute to go get a mirror....but yeah so I don´t really have a ton of time to write this week but I just wanted to let yáll know that Heber is going to get baptized this Friday! :) at 11:00 in the morning :) He is super excited! And we are too! He has actually wanted to be baptized for a really long time now but we found a little problem the last transfer, when Sister Guadarrama was here, and he wasn´t able to get baptized when we had planned....and then after that I think he felt a little bad because he stopped coming to church for like three sundays. But he is excited again and he accepted the date and he came to church and all that and everything is perfect :) He is actually going to go with us today to a FHE with a member family :) it´s going to be good and he is going to get to know more members :)  

So yeah, that is basically the only big news that we have going on around here. Oh yeah, we also found a new family this last week and they are awesome! The dad is super funny and we all get along really well :) We have an appointment with them today :) it´s the second lesson that we will have with them :) 

We went on divisions with one companionship of sisters in our zone :) We also had Stake Conference this weekend and the mission president and his wife came and they spoke to us :) it was great! :) 

Alright well, I am basically out of time...and kind of out of words actually haha :P how weird right? ;) I don´t know what´s happened to me because the older I get, the more I talk haha....I don´t know if that´s a good thing or a bad thing.... But whatever. 

To finish, I just want to share something that our mission president told us in Stake conference that i thought was really interesting and it is something that I want to do when I actually have kids haha. But he was basically telling us that we need to prepare ourselves when we are really young (and prepare our children when they are young) to serve missions. That was something that I didn´t do.... I didn´t decide as a little girl that I was going to serve a mission. It wasn´t until I was 17 and they lowered the age that I started to THINK about serving a mission....even then it wasn´t a firm, set decision.... so I basically lost a lot of years of preparing myself for full, dedicated service to the Lord. I wish that I would have made the decision to serve a long time ago haha....but whetever, I can´t change the past. All I can do is invite younger people to start preparing now... (Prest, I´m talking to you! Even though you´re only 14, it is never too early to start preparing....) It is very important that we teach our families and our children that we are a God-serving family and that it is a priviledge and a tradition to be a mission-serving family. For all of you young men and young women, I want to invite you to start preparing now to serve a full-time, honorable mission. For all you parents with children who still haven´t served, I want to invite you to prepare them starting today! There are three things that our president told us that we all need to know before serving. The first is that we need to read and study the scriptures daily, especially the Book of Mormon. We can´t preach about a book that we know nothing about or that we haven´t read, we need to study it daily! The second thing that he told us is that we need to read and study and learn from Preach my Gospel. This is a book written by the prophets and apostles and is full of the words of God. It is inspired and helps us to become the best missionaries that we could possibly be! Study it daily as well, even if you´re only 11 or is never too late to learn to be a better disciple and messanger of Christ and His restored Gospel. The third thing that Pres. told us is that we also need to to lead the music! :) The hymns are sacred songs to the Lord and they are inspired as well. We all need to know how to at least lead the music. 

He also said something that I really liked and he said in spanish (obvio) so...I am going to try my best to translate it :) But he said that "The gasoline for a "mission car" is obedience" Alright, it sounds better in spanish haha "La gasolina por el auto misional es la obediencia" But basically he was telling us that we are chugging along in our little mission car, visiting people and converting them to the gospel and all that, but the gasoline that keeps this mission vehicle running is obedience. If we aren´t obedient, the car has no gas and we get stuck or stranded on the side of the rode and we can´t do anything. We are basically useless in the work of the Lord. 

I know that all of these things are true and I am excited to have a mission-serving tradition in my family and to help my future children prepare themselves from a young age to serve as dedicated, full-time servants of the Lord. 

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

Love always,
Hermana Walker   


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