Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015 Eber's Baptism

This week was amazing and full of miracles!! I am only going to be able to talk about a few  because I don`t have enough time to talk about them all but....her we go!

This week we had a baptism of a man that has wanted to be baptized for a loooooong time and he has been listening to the missionaries for lke a year or so and just bearely got baptized on friday. In my time here he has had three baptismal dates but he didnt get baptized until the third one haha (third times the charm as they say ;) ) but yeah, it`s because we had to resolve a few problems that he had but yeah now he is a baptized member of the Church of Jesu Chrisst of Latter-day Saints and he is super happy! He is already looking forward to going out to visit people! He is great and is a super nice person and he even got up this sunay and bore his testimony :) hahah and something super funny that happened was that we were sitting in his baptism and it came to the moment when we was going to enter the font to be baptized and so he stands up from where he was sitting and he walks over to the door to leave to enter into the font and he stops in front of us, cuz we were sitting right next to the oor, and he`s like looking at the font and then back at the oor and he says outloud, while clutching the hem of his jumper with both hands (one on each side of the outside of his legs), "I`m gonna get baptized...." hahah it was so funny! my comp and I were laughing to ourselves (trying to nt call attention to ourselves). it was so funny :) then the next day we went to visit him and he  told us "I`m Mormon. I can`t believe it!" haha, he`s a great old man :) (he`s like 50 oh yeah, and his name is Eber. yep....he spells it that way....I always thought it was spelled like Heber....but whatever) 

We were also able to put a baptismal date with an investigator for this saturday and we are in the process of getting her married to her husband. Her name is Areli :) She already had her interview yesterday and everything is all set, she just needs to get married and we are helping her get that all figured out. She is super excted to get married to her husband and to be baptized. We had an amazing experience with her baptismal date :) we have been praying for weeks for her date and we felt sure that her date was for the 7th of november so just a few days ago we talked to her and we asked her if she had been praying about her baptism and she said yes and we asked her how she felt and she said that she felt peaceful and she felt like it was what she needed to do and then we asked her if she had prayed about her date and she said yes but that she still didn`t feel an answer...and then right after that we said "well we have been thinking and praying about you a lot and thinking about your date" and before we could tell her the date her husband said, "I was telling you that you are going to get baptized in november remember? And i told you that you`re going to get baptized on november 7th." And when he said that, Sister Sanchez and I just sat there in shock and we look at each other and we looked at Areli and at her husband and we were like laughing,  like when one laughs when something is just too perfect or too crazy to believe....and we said, "actually yes!! That is the date that we thought of and that the Lord had confirmed to us!" So yeah. it was a miracle. We totally received a confirmation for her date and she accepted it and got right to moving along with her marriage plans and all that. She is super excited and so are we! :) Something that she also told us was like super impresive! She was telling us that awhile ago the lady who lets her rent a part of her house told her to listen to the jehovas witnesses because it was pretty and all that and so she started listening a little but that she didn`t like it all that much and then one day a JW knocked on the door and she told him that she was Mormon and he said "oh ok that`s alright." and he left her alone haha. Then another time she told someone that she was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and she told us that she said it without thinking haha so yeah, she is going to be a great member of the church once she is baptized this Saturday :) 

So yeah, those were a few miracles that we saw this week :) I know this gospel is true and that it bleses and changes lives! Hope you can all get out there and share it with someone! Or at least give references to the missionaries :) they help us a lot :) Love you all! have a great week!

Hermana Walker
Eber Got Baptized! :)

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