Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015 Transfers - Guess Who's Leaving?

Hello everyone!! I hope you had a fantastic week last week and that you are all pumed for General Conference!! :) I hope I don´t have to watch it in Spanish....I don´t want to miss a single thing!! But if I have to watch it in Spanish... modo right? It is going to be a great conference :) and I am excited to see who the new apostoles are going to be. It is so sad and so crazy that we have lost three this year.... 

Alright well, first of all, I was really surprised when we got the call about transfers yesterday night because I was kind of expecting to leave right?I don´t have a ton of time here but I´ve been here for three months and my comp just got here last transfer so we all thought she was gonna stay... I totally didn´t expect that Sister Guadarrama would be leaving haha but, yeah, I think it pretty much caught us all by surprise. So next Monday, a new face will appear here and will join the "wall" of floating missionary faces on the blog my mom has haha. 

This week was really rough in regards to finding new investigators....we didn´t find a single one. But we had a lot of lessons with members present and lessons with less active members and recient converts so that was all good. We also put a baptismal date this week with one of our investigators named Dulce. She is planning on being baptized on the 17th of October!! We are all super excited and we had two really spiritual lessons with her this week :) The most recent was the best because five of the six of us present, cried haha. It was beautiful :)

One of our investigators (apart from Dulce) came to church this sunday and I was totally surprised because she has only come one other time in my three months here, and she came after sacrament meeting was over... but this time she came with her less active husband and their two little kids and they stayed the whole time and seem to be really getting more and more excited in regards to the church so we are also really excited about that :)

I am excited for this new week and the opportunity to work even harder to be able to find new investigators....we desperately need them and they desperately need us, even if they don´t know it yet ;)

This week I also had a really cool experience with a scripture that really helped me :) I was able to feel the love of the Lord for me and I was able to be reminded that the Lord truly does answer prayers and that He knows each one us perfectly. 

I hope that you all have a great week this week and that you keep reading the Book of Mormon daily because it is the word of God and in that book we will find the answers that we need, regardless of our age or circumstance. It is a great evidence of the love of God for each one of His children :) 

I love you all! Have an amazing week :) 


Hermana Walker

Purple Rain Boots for the Rainy Days

Me and Hermana Guadarrama Before Her Transfer
Huge Step Down From The Boa! :)

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