Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015 Following Promptings

Oh man, can I just say that this week was SUPER stressful....It´s a REALLY long story as well I will just share the good things and we will kind of just forget all the stress alright? :) but anyway, so, we totally had a baptism this week :) well, technically it was two since Rubí and her husband Armando were baptized this last Wednesday :) It was really beautiful :) But the baptism was actually one of the most stressful things that happened to me this week of the things that was most stressful for me was that Aaron was supposed to bring me his sister´s violin so that I could practice the song that we were going to play for the special musical number...and he had four opportunities to get it to me and he didn´t end up getting it to me until like, RIGHT when we were supposed to be starting the I was all stressed trying to tune the violin, and a part from that, it wasn´t even full-size haha was a mess. Also I was stressed because I haven´t played the violin for basically like two years now haha so....yeah you can just imagine how I was feeling.Oh yeah, and the strings kept slipping and it just wouldn´t stay after all that I ended up just putting it away and I had to sing a song that I had never sung in spanish....but it all ended well. It was a miracle! :) 

I ended up singing "Walk tall your a daughter" but in spanish haha :) and it was a true miracle because, like, we had to change the program a tiny bit and I just announced that we had to change the song and that we had problems with the violin and that we were changing the song haha and I explained that even though it was talking about a daughter of God, it also still applied to all the men there as well haha :P But the best part was after Rubí and Armando were baptized because they went up front and bore their testimonies and Rubí said "This song that I just barely heard (the one I sang) reminded me of when I first came to know the church and I KNEW that I was a daughter of God and that He loves me...." and yeah, she said other things that were super amazing :) but, that part of her testimony was a testimony builder for me because, I had a prompting to print off the sheet music of another song that we ended up singing instead that ended up helping her remember when she realized that she truly was a beloved daughter of God. It was really awesome! And it made all the stress totally worth it haha :) 

That is about all the time I have this week...sorry! But I love you guys all and I know that this is the true church and that God answers prayers and His plans are perfect and always end up being better than the plans that we have for ourselves. We just need to be able to let Him take the wheel and help us along and we need to truly trust in Him...and try not to stress ourselves out too much...ehem....Hermana Walker..... yeah, I learned my lesson! haha but yeah, I know that we have the truth and we are so blessed for it! Have a great week! 

Hermana Walker :) 

PS We also had our noche mexicana this last the week before the baptism :) 

Armando and Rubi's Baptism

Noche Mexicana


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