Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015 New Investigators and Changing You!

Hey everyone! 

I hope you are all doing well this week! 

Alright well, this week we don´t have a ton of time to write since we have to go to Atlixco which is a little bit farther away. We are going there to buy a few things :) But I will tell you a few things that happened this week. We had 10 new investigators this week! (but don´t feel too proud of me...since we are both new here...all the investigators are new haha!) but still, it was really cool that we found so many investigators to teach here :) Last Sunday I forgot to tell you but we had a confirmation because the other missionaries that were here before us had a baptism but he still needed to be confirmed. His name is Victor and he is 22 years old. He´s super cool and he´s really great! We visit with him like everyday haha because he is always home to receive us :) we want him to be a strong member and we don´t want him to become less active right off the bat...or ever actually haha but yeah, he´s great! We also have a family of four that we found this last week that have real potential. We invited them to be baptized last week but the mom has to get married still...and her husband is military and has two more years to work before he finishes and she told us that they can´t get married for like two that kind of stinks because that is a long time...but her three sons can totally get baptized and they are all older than 8 and they read the Book of Mormon, go to church activities and they totally know all the steps of the Plan of Salvation! They are awesome and we are really excited to invite them to be baptized again and see their progress. (the mom´s name is Lulu and her sons are named Julio Cesar, Luis and Mario :) )

Ok well, sorry that this is so lame this week....I am listening to the women´s conference while I write this because my companion and I didn´t have the chance to go to it :( so I hope that all of this makes sense....but if not...I am so sorry! 

I just want to quickly bear my testimony about something that I read about this week in the Liahona of this month :) I read a talk about sin and weakness and I learned a lot about the difference between sin and weakness and their sources and all that. I encourage you all to read it, especially if you are feeling especially weak here in your mortal will help you understand better the plan that God has for you and it will help you to better be able to distinguish when you are sinning and when you are simply passing through weaknesses. I know that the Lord gives us weaknesses to help us grow and to help us come unto him in humility. One thing that I learned from the talk that I really like is when the author gave an example from the Book of Mormon when Moroni was writing his portion and had worries that his people wouldn´t accept the words he wrote because he was just a normal man with weakness and that they wouldn´t accept it as the word of God. The Lord answered him by telling him that he gives unto men weakness so that they will be humble and when they humble themselves before Him, He will make weak things become strong unto them. Then later in verse 37 of Ether 12 he tells Moroni that he is blessed because he recognized his weakness and that he would be able to sit in a place that is prepared for him the mansions of His father. In the talk it tells us that here, the Lord isn´t offering to take away or change Moroni´s weaknesses, but to change Moroni. I love that part because, it is so true! The Lord isn´t going to take away or weakness or change them (because we are always going to have weaknesses, as sad as it is, it´s true. it´s a part of our mortal life haha) and He isn´t going to make our weaknesses strong, rather He will change us and make us stronger! He will help us to change the way we view the world or ourselves and we will become changed and stronger so that our weakness appear to be made stronger, but in reality it is us that has been made stronger. I know that this is a true principle and that if we humble ourselves before the Lord, He will help us to be patient with ourselves and our own weaknesses and those weaknesses of other people. I know that He will always help us to see our potential and He will always help us reach it, as long as we are humble and accept our weaknesses with an eternal perspective to guide us.

I hope that you all have a great week and that you can learn something new that will help you to grow spiritually so that with each day, your Spirit grows stronger than your mortal body. I love you all and wish you success in this week! 

love always,
Hermana Walker  

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