Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015 Metepec

Hey everyone! I hope that you all had a fantastic week this week! I for one, had a crazy week this week because....WE HAD TRANSFERS!! So we are here in our new area and like the title says...our area is called Metepec :) oh yeah, both of us are still here together :) We are going to finish the training of my daughter here in a different area. It was really weird because like, they never change trainers and their companions while they are training unless something bad happened or the trainer or trainee went we were kind of like, "Whaaat!? What is happening?" But yeah it`s all good so don`t worry :) and....Oh my gosh...this area is super beautiful!! I lOVE it! I will send pictures because it is amazing :) well...maybe I just think it is really amazing here other area was...pues, mas o menos haha. It was alright...but yeah, I really like it here. The only thing that is a little hard is that it is a lot hotter here than in our other area...but it`s all good we just sweat a lot more :) and I like, hardly put make up on here because I feel like I am constantly wiping my face so...why would i bother putting on make up ;) I do put like a tiny bit of mascara on so I don`t look like a man in a skirt ;) haha but yeah. cool story right? 

Sorry, this letter is super lame haha because I don`t really have any exciting stories to tell or any cool experiences either...oh yeah haha the only thing I can think of that you might find a little funny is....yep you guessed it! I totally slipped in the street the other day when the Bishop was taking us around to get to know the area haha (because we are both new here and don`t know ANYTHING!). We were walking down a little callejón (it`s like an alley) and since it is a bit skinny I was walking behind my comp and the bishop and I was wearing shoes that are a little bit slippery haha and...yeah I totally slipped and fell. But don`t worry, this time I caught myself! But I used a lot of...force? Strength? uh...I don`t know what the word would be haha but I used a lot of energy to catch or save myself and so I like, kind of hurt my back in the process but it only hurt for a second :) but yeah I think that is the only thing "exciting" that happened this week....

I did have a spiritual experience in regards to the transfer that we had. Our first night here in Metepec we were both crying, for a lot of reasons haha, but one of the main reasons was that this transfer was like a tender mercy for us because all the members here are so amazing and they want to help us and support us and stuff like that and I don`t know, there is like a completely different feeling here and we feel so much happier for some be honest, Atexcac was really hard for us for some reason and we cried and wanted to cry so many times while we were there...but at the same time it was something beautiful to be able to serve there. I don`t know how to explain it, it`s complicated and something that even I still don`t understand (hence the fact that I can`t even express my feelings haha. How pathetic...) but anyways, so I don`t know, I just felt so much love from my Father in Heaven and I knew in that moment without a doubt that He knows me perfectly and that He knows what I need when I need it. He knows better than I do and His ways are always better and higher than mine. I don`t know exactly why He sends us to the areas that He sends us to or gives us the companions that He gives us, but I do know that He is guiding my life. He knows what`s best for me. He is refining me in the furnace of affliction and yeah, sometimes it is sooo hard and hurts really bad...but in the end I will leave the furnace stronger than when I entered it and I will be refined by His hand and be made into the piece of art that He has always had in mind. I know that God is real, that He exists and that He hears and answers our prayers. I can see His hand in my life and I recognize when He is molding and refining me, even when I don`t fully understand or see why. 

I hope you can all pay more attention to the Hand of the Lord in your lives and try to understand why He is molding you the way he is molding you. Try to always think positively and eternally in every challenge that you face so that you can see more easily all the benefits that come from being molded by "fire" so you can all leave the furnance stronger than how you entered :) (hopefully that makes sense, all the wording and stuff....I am losing my ability to speak (in english and spanish haha! Thank goodness this thing called "spanglish" exists right? ;) ) The homecoming talk is going to be a disaster.... ;) alright well, I love you all! Stay strong in the gospel and defend the truths that you know and believe. Enjoy the photos! :) 

Hermana Walker :) 

Beautiful Metepec

Clock Tower

Colorful Puebla - Metepec

Metepec Landscape

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