Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015 It's a Miracle

Haha ok well maybe the subject line is a tiny bit exaggerated...but it really was like a small miracle for me that this happened...

So, this week we had a lesson with one of our investigators that has accepted a baptismal date for the 21st of this month. Her name is Maleny and she is 16 years old. She lives with her boyfriend Brian, who is also 16, in his house with all his family (aunts and uncles and his mom ets..). Anyway, she and Brian are both really was really hard to have lessons with them because they both spend like the whole time looking down and they glance at each other when we ask questions and laugh and like, I don´t know it was really we have been praying a lot lately that we could have more love for her and that she could feel our love for her and that we could have more trust and confidence with her. Well, this week when we went to see her (actually I think it was yesterday) she actually laughed more with us and she answered our questions without looking at Brian first and she had her head up for a lot of the lesson instead of hanging it down and looking into her lap! It was amazing!!! She made a ton of progress and we were super excited!! Also, she told us that she and Brian have plans to get married either the 12th or 17th of this month and her date is for the 21st so if she can just read the things we leave with her from the Book of Mormon and if she can come to church every Sunday until her date, she can still be baptized! I don´t know, for me it was a Little miracle :)

Another miracle that we had was that we were able to have five new investigators again this week! It is amazing how the program of ¿Cómo se llama? Works! (Our Mission President told us that he wanted us to use this in our lessons) and it totally Works! Basically we just ask the members, less actives and investigators "¿Como se llama su vecino?" or "What´s your neighbor´s name?" and we ask about their families and all that until we receive a bunch of names! Then we go and contact them :) And we find a ton of new people to teach every week :)

Oh! also we found a new investigator (well, he´s an old investigator of other missionaries but he is new for us so he counts) but he knows EVERYTHING!!! He has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and the Restoration and everything! He was quoting things from the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants and all that...I was blown away!! I was sitting there all innocent thinking "Holy cow!! He´s perfect!!! He´s gonna get baptized!!" and then there was my companion on the other hand "Nope. This guys a member. He´s excommunicated." hahaha!! We had completely opposite opinions about him. But I was right! He isn´t a member! And we have plans to ask him and his son-in-law to be baptized this week. (not that they will be baptized this week-we are going to ask them this week. Sorry, I am not writing very clearly today haha).

Um, what else.... we had two mice in our house and caught them with those sticky traps! And we put peanut butter on the traps because I remembered that dad did that when we had mice in our house. It worked like a charm! (Thanks Dad! :) But who could blame ém? Peanut butter is enticingly delicious! ;) Well, Heidee and I love it a lot... I know there´s a lot of people who don´t like it...

Oh yeah, we also have another investigator who is super excited about the church! Her name is Guadalupe but we call her Lupita :) She wants to enter the temple haha! But her husband told her that she can´t yet because she isn´t baptized... she can´t get baptized because she isn´t actually married to her husband and he isn´t divorced from his wife...yeah it´s a bit complicated....there´s a Little bit of a problem with the law of chastity here....and I was studying that last week and it is really bad to disobey this law....but I don´t know how to teach it in a way that they understand how serious it is.... but yeah, Lupita loves the church and she likes to learn and read and she really wants to enter the temple because she told us that it looks beautiful on the outside and her mother-in-law told her that it is even more beautiful inside. So she is super excited and she´s a really good person and has a lot of potential as an investigator!

I went to the colonia this week which is another part of our área. (our área is HUGE!!!) The path to get to the colonia is like hiking. Literally. It is a Little dirt path among trees  and bushes but not only that-it´s dang hard work to hike! It is super steep going down and super steep going up...and it´s´s like hiking up a gorge... the colonia is on the other side of the gorge haha so we live in Ixtaxihuatl on one side of the gorge and we have to walk through the trees and shrubbery to the other side of the gorge. It´s crazy!! :) I took a picture but it might be hard to tell how steep it is and all that...just believe me when I tell you that there are some days when I want to die...I don´t know how my body can make it through the day without killing over and how I am not sore the next day haha. It´s a miracle!

Alright well, apparently this computer doesn´t love you guys because it won´t let me upload my potos you will have to wait until next week and I will bring the cord and try again because it doesn´t like my memory...

Well, I shared a lot of things about the mission/the work I am doing in the mission (for once haha) but I hope that you guys have a really great week! I love you a lot and I am really thankful for all you love and support! I have a scripture for you all :)

Moroni 6:4 :) I want you to read it and apply it to your lives this week...and actually for this whole month since it would be really hard to only apply it for one week...

It talks about new converts to the church and like, our responsibilities as members of the Church. But I also thought that it could apply to our less-active brothers and sisters. There are a lot of things that I can take from it as a missionary but also as a member of the church and it is something that I am going to work harder at when I get home.

I hope that you can all read it and ponder it during this month and that you can find ways to apply it to your lives :)

This week my testimony of the Plan of Salvation was strengthened because we taught it a lot this week and I was able to feel the Spirit distinctly testifying to me that this plan is true. I know that God created the Plan of Salvation because he loves us and wants us to be happy. I know that every part of the plan has a purpose and that it´s order is perfect because every step makes perfect sense. I am so grateful for the chance I have to be here on the earth to receive my body and to have experiences that help me grow. I know that the fall of Adam was necesary in order to fulfill God´s plan and I know that Adam truly did fall so that we could have joy because if he never fell, we would never be able to come to earth, we would never know the sweet from the bitter, the good from the bad. We would never understand what it feels like to be happy because we would never feel how it feels to be miserable. If we never came here, there would be no reason for a Savior because there would be no imperfection nor people on the earth to save. Our Heavenly Father is intelligent above all and He knows us perfectly and he knows what we needed to be able to become like Him. That is why we have this marvelous plan of Redemption-so that we could be redeemed from evil and sin and return to live with Him in His kingdom of glory. I know that these things are true and that I am a part of the true góspel on the earth today. There is no doubt in my heart or my mind. I share this testimony with you guys in the name of my Savior Jesús Christ, amen.

Have a fantastic week! It´s almost Valentine´s Day! Do something special! :) I love you all!

Love always,
Hermana Walker


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