Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30, 2014 Final Countdown

Oh my goodness. It's finally here!!!!! I can't believe it! I leave on Monday guys! Monday! I am so excited!! I feel like the time just flew by!! I am not even close to being ready with my Spanish but I know that once I get down there I won't even know what anyone is saying anyway so it'll be fine. I will learn and the Spanish will come eventually so I am not actually all that worried. I am really just super excited right now and I wish it was Monday today so that I could be in the airport and the airplane and be traveling down to Puebla! It is like, real now! I know that I am a missionary already and that I have been serving in the MTC and all that but I still don't really feel like a missionary yet and I haven't really been in the "real world" I am really excited!! :) I'm excited to see what it looks like down there and to hear all the crazy fast spanish speakers and to see where I am going to live and to see my new companion! There's so much to look forward to! I just can't believe how fast the time went by. A month of my mission is already gone!!! Ah! That is so crazy to me!
So Girl's camp was fun and crazy and busy as always then? I'm glad that it was! I wish I could have gone! My year at Reid Ranch wasn't all that great because I was sick for a lot of it and it was not very fun so I would have loved to go back and make a better time of it but that's ok because I love what I am doing and I wouldn't trade it for anything! It is so much fun! don't get me wrong, it's like, the hardest thing I have ever done, but it is so fun and so great and I have learned so much! It's so awesome being a missionary! :) 
So Friday was service day and we were able to go to the pillow room!! Apparently people think it is like a myth or something and I had never actually heard of it before but i went there and it was so much fun!!! It is a whole bedroom just full of pillows and so we all just ran in and jumped into the pillows like it was a pool and we were like swimming through the pillows! It was so much fun! we just all laughed so much and threw pillows at each other! It was such a work out! because you can literally sink in the pillows and it takes so much work to get out of them. Getting out of the room was like the hardest was so much fun though! I sent a picture :) 
Um, what else happened? We auditioned and sis Nally said she liked it and stuff but we needed a pianist and so we found one but he was flaky and we didn't like that so now we have a new one and I got sick so did Hermana Peine so our voices sounded horrible! But we are auditioning again tomorrow and we will see how that goes. My voice sounds a lot better now so hopefully I will be able to sing and hopefully we can make it and maybe sing at like one of the Devotionals or something. That would be a cool experience :) 
We taught Vanessa for the last time on like....thursday I think and it went pretty well but I was sad because it was our last time and we were just barely getitng somewhere with her! But we didn't invite her to be baptized which we probably should have done but that's ok. We had a really good devotional last night! I am running out of time though so I will just tell you the things that I learned later or something because I still didn't get to reply to Elder Sampson or Heidee and I haven't listened to the recordings from Elder Sampson so I need to go! But I have some pictures! And I will write more when I have time!! I love you all so much!! :) I hope you have a great week! I can't wait to call you and talk to you on Monday!! (don't be awkward though! Because I heard that's how it always goes ;) )
Love always,
Hermana Walker :) 


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