Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 Listening to Elder Pino (Area Seventy)

Well...I hope that I said that right in the subject line haha...sometimes I don´t know which order or which words are right in English or in Spanish haha but whatever :) The only thing that matters is that Elder Rafael Pino came to our mission and spent three days speaking to us. We went to listen to him in groups of like three zones at a time so like during the three days that he was here, one group of three districts listened to him one day, then the next day another group of three or so districts heard him and so on :) hope that makes sense :) But yeah, so we went to listen to him on Friday and it was super awesome :) I learned a lot of things :) And I liked it a lot also because he is pretty funny haha :) One of the things that he said that I loved was this "If you are happy, tell your face that you are happy" Haha how great is that!? I love it because sometimes there are people, or sometimes we are these people, who are happy inside and all, like we´re fine, we don´t have anything bugging us or anything like that, but we don´t look he told us that if we are hapy, we gotta make sure our face knows that we are happy :) It´s my favorite quote of the week :) He also taught us something really important and the example he used can be applied to many topics or situations but in this case he was talking to us about obedience and how there are some missionaries that think it is ok to obey almost all the rules, but like, I dunno, I don´t like this rule-it doesn´t apply to me, so I won´t obey it. But I am obeying all the other rules so, I´m good right? Nope. So wrong! Elder Pino gave us an example that I love that goes with this topic :) He said, and I am summarizing and stuff :) but he said, Alright so imagine that you are in an airplane (he was talking to our mission President) and it is time to jump out of the plane and I tell you, alright President, are you ready to jump out of this plane? This parachute is really good. It almost always opens. So, are you gonna jump? And President said, Umm....I think no haha. And we all laughed and stuff cuz it was pretty great :) But it´s so true. We are not going to have much confidence in a parachute that almost always opens. Nope. There´s no way we are even thinking about leaving the safety of the plane right? Or am I just crazy and you all are thinking, "Heck yeah I´m jumpin!" haha...I hope none of you are thinking that... (maybe Charles, if he ends up reading this, would think that ;) haha he tends to do some pretty crazy things ;) or my dad... ;) ). But anyway, he basically told us that we can´t be like the parachute that almost always opens. We have to be obedient and dependant ALL THE TIME! Not just every once in a while, or when we feel like it, or when it is convenient for us. All. The. Time. Always. But yeah, that is one of the things that I learned from him in the special conference that we had :) I don´t have a ton of time but I just wanted to share this with you and invite you all that you can think more in all the commandments that the Lord has given us, big and small, and think of ways in which you can improve on the ones that are a little hard for you so that you can be obedient with exactness and be a dependable, trustworthy parachute that opens everytime- not the parachute that almost always opens. 

I love you all and I hope that you have a great week! Pray for Maro, Luis and Cesar! They are going to be baptized this Sunday in the Stake Center! :) Pray that they can take part in this sacred covenant with their Father in Heaven and open the door to their salvation. Pray that they won´t fall into temptation and that their baptismal date will be firm and strong and that nothing will prevent them from changing their lives for the better! 

Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts and support. I love you all :) I know that they gospel is true and that we are in the only true and living church here on the earth. I know that they gospel is a message of eternal happiness and joy and that we have the marvelous opportunity to share it with families and individuals all over the world so that they can come to the true knowledge of their Savior and Redeemer and so that they can experience true and everlasting joy in their own lives. Stay strong! Be obedient. Live the Gospel. Stay happy. Smile. "Si están felices, avísenle a su cara que están felices." :) Have a great week! :)

Love always,
Hermana Walker

P.S. This week we get to listen to Elder Craig Christensen :) on Friday :) So next week I will share what I learned from him :)     

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