Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015 Agency; A Gift From God

Weell....I didn`t know what to title this weeks letter so...I just put how much time I have in the mission haha, how boring right? Well, whatever, I am not having much luck with the creative juices right now haha. 

So, this next week we are having changes...literally...a lot of changes! We are having the changes that the mission has every month and a half (the 20th of this month) and my comp is leaving for her house because she finished her mission..well almost. She is going to finish her mission this coming Tuesday. It`s really sad and really weird that she is going to die soon...It`s kind of funny because I was born in this area and she is going to die here...a little ironic :) I don`t know if I am going to have changes this time around or if I am going to stay here in my area for another month and a half. It could happen either way because I think we can stay in our areas for a nine months or something and I have six here. If I have changes too it will be hard for the other missionaries because they are both going to be new to the area and they won`t know where anyone lives or who anyone is or anything like that. But yeah, we will see. I will find out this sunday night so I can let you know next Monday :)

Guess what!? We are FINALLY going to the pyramids today since my comp has never been in all her mission and I haven`t gone (and I have 6 months here in this area, which is super close to the pyramids) so we are finally going and the son of our Ward Missionary Leader is going to come too so he can give us a tour since he knows a ton about the history of puebla and of the pyramids and all that. It`s going to be great :) We are also going to go with Brother Juan and his wife Marina. They are going to drive us there and all that. They are also going to feed us after we finish writing since it is going to be kind of like a going away meal for Sister Lara. We are going to eat mole haha which is pretty typical... :) We eat it a lot haha. It`s really common/famous here in Puebla. It`s super yummy`s pretty, it isn`t a light food like salads haha. And you have to be really careful that you don`t spill it on your clothes because it doesn`t wash out very easily...

Anyway, so yeah it is going to be a pretty great day today :) I will send pictures of the pyramids next week :) 

My leadership responsiblities are going pretty well. We are almost finished with all the exchanges. We have two more companionships left that we are going to do this week and then after that we have changes...and I proabably won`t be a sister leader anymore but I have learned a lot from being in this position and I have met a lot of really great sister missionaries that love the work and they are always looking for ways to improve and become better! This is awesome :) Our Zone is really great :) 

Um...I don`t have a lot of time left so...I am going to finish up now :) I just wanted to share a scripture with you guys and I want you to go and read it during this week. It is a short parable that the Savior gave in the Bible. I want you to all read it when you have the chance and apply it to your lives because it is really cool and really applicable too :) It is in Luke 8:5-8; 11-15.

It`s the parable of the sower :) I read this in my personal study (since I have a goal to read the New testament in two months haha and the old testament in three and the Book of Mormon in two) so I just read this the other week and I liked it a lot because it can apply to full-time missionaries, member missionaries and us as members individually in our lives. My challenge is that you can read it and study it this week and put it in practice :) Record your thoughts in a journal too so that your study can be a little more edifying :) It helps a lot :)

I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that this is the true restored church here on the earth. I know that God has a plan for everyone of us individually and that He knows us perfectly. He wants us to be happy and to become who He has planned and so for this reason He sometimes sends our ship through storms and rough waters so that we can humble ourselves and go to Him in prayer to ask for His help. He wants us to surrender our will to His. I know that He can make of us more than we will ever make of ourselves, we just need to trust in Him with hope and faith. He has all power and is the gardener of our lives. Trust Him that has the seeds and prepare your hearts to accept His seeds so that you can harvest the fruits and blessings of the gospel. 

I read in a talk that God has given us everything and so we really can`t give Him much...we can`t give Him our time because He gave that to us. We can`t give Him our lives because He gave them to us too...we can`t give Him something that is already His.... The only thing that we can give him is our will....our agency. He gave us the Gift to choose and that is the only gift He gave us that He can`t take back. He will never force us to surrender to His will. We have to make that choice and sacrifice our desires to Him so that He truly can make of us what He knows we can be. That is something that I am learning here and something that I am working on as a missionary. I know that I need to give Him my will so that he can truly mold me into the missionary and the person that He wants me to be. It`s really hard but I know that it is possible and I am really grateful for this chance to serve as a missionary and for this opportunity that I have to grow the way that He wants me to. 

I hope you all have a great week and that you have the chance to read the parable. I also hope that my email makes sense...we really need to leave so I don`t know how it will turn out but I hope it makes sense haha. I love you all! 


Hermana Walker :)  

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