Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014 The Hernandez family

Ok, Hi!! How are you all doing? I hope you are all doing well :)

Ok so we went on exchanges, or intercambios, and so I was with a different Hermana for 24 and it was fun so yeah that was an adventure. We also had our like three ward party where three different wards got together for an activity about how the church got started here in Mexico. It was like a play put on by the youth and it was really good. We had quite a few of our investigators come so that was awesome! Um...yeah and my mind is like rushing a hundred miles an hour so I can't really think of many other things to tell you haha, yeah kind of sad I know. But I figured out where the apostrophe is on this crazy keyboard so that is another great thing. Um, Oh yeah. So we have been teaching the familia Hernandez and they are super awesome! They ask great questions and our lessons with them are always filled with the Spirit. It is kind of bad though because our lessons are super long but it's because they ask like super great questions and they are really good at telling us when they don't understand so we teach them pretty thoroughly and we bring the second counselor of el barrio and his esposa comes too and he just knows so much! He totally helps us with our lessons so it's awesome. So anyway, they are being baptized this saturday if all goes well and so we have a lot of time set aside throughout the week so that we can teach them the lessons we haven't taught yet and review the other lessons and just make sure that they are all preped for their baptism. There are three of them in this family, the mom and her two kids, and so yeah, we have three baptisms coming up pretty soon! :)

We also have two other investigators with baptismal dates but they aren't for a few more weeks so I can talk more about them later. 

I really love Mexican food so yeah, it's all good! And I am learning to eat spicy food now because I just man up and eat it even though it makes my nose sweat. It is super super delicious even though it makes my mouth feel like it's on fire sometimes. I want to ask a bunch of the awesome ladies who feed us how they make their food so I can make it at home for y'all cuz it is super tasty and you would love it I'm sure :) yeah you are all super awesome and I love you a lot. I show people one of our family pictures when we teach about families and I bare my testimony and they all say that you are all muy bonito so that's good :) I think you are all bonito and super padre (which here that means like awesome and cool and stuff like that although I don't understand the phrase because padre is dad but yeah whatever, that's just what they say around here and I love it!)

My spanish is coming along and people tell me that my accent is good so that is super great because that means I don't sound like a gringo! And they say I read well so that is also a good thing. And when I help teach or when I bare my testimony they can understand what I am saying even though I don't know how to say things correctly but I will get it down. And I definitely believe in the gift of tongues because there is no way that I can be doing this all on my own. No way. 

But anyway, this mission is super awesome and I learn new things every single day about the Gospel and about myself and about Our Heavenly Father. This life and this Gospel are so amazing and we really are so blessed! I hope that you are all trying to be better missionaries at home because that is basically what your calling is here on earth. We all need to invite others to come unto Christ because He is their salvation and if we have the opportunity to save a soul, why wouldn't we take it? I love you all so much and I am so grateful to have you in my life and to have the knowledge that we can be together forever. It is super beautiful Have a great week alright?

Hermana Walker


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